Natural Self Tanner - Organic - Tanning Lotion for Face - Fast Drying - Streak Free

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Are you looking for a natural looking tan?

But . . . you don't want to bake in a tanning bed, be sprayed down like newly booked prisoner or smear on a stain or funky cream?

Neither would we! That's why we created My Skin's Friend Organic Sunless Tanner.

It's Tan-Fastic! 

Works overnight to start building a natural looking tan!

  • No streaks
  • NO rust color
  • NO funky smell.
  • Dries Fast
  • Won't stain clothes
  • Goes on clear
  • No dyes or stains
  • All organic

Another feature you'll like is how fast it dries. You can dress very soon after spraying without worrying about getting it on your clothes. Oh, and if it does come in contact with your hair or clothes don't worry, it only tans skin.

Best of all, it is all organic so you don't have to worry about putting dangerous chemicals on your skin. It is the finest and least expensive luxury sunless tanner available. 

Some self tanners contain an ingredient called PHENOXYETHENOL. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) ranks it the same toxicity level as methyl paraben!

A tan improves your appearance

I think everyone agrees that most people look better with a tan. If you have a look at Hollywood events, modeling shoots, or watch any TV, you'll notice that everyone has some shade of tan.

The additional reason for the boom in self tanning relates to health and wellness.

Even though virtually everyone wants to be tan, the majority us now realize that the sun, and more specifically UV radiation, can have long term damaging effects on their skin

Research has shown that UV radiation (from the sun or tanning beds) causes premature wrinkling of the skin, age spots and has even been linked to skin cancer. 

If you want to show up at the wedding or vacation sporting your sexy, natural looking tan, My Skin's Friend ORGANIC Sunless Tanner is the answer.

We have even put together a sunless tanning "Cheat Sheet" to help guarantee you'll get a beautiful, natural looking tan on your first try. You can see it here.

Comparison and Benefits: In product to product testing with the major retail and luxury sunless tanner brands (spray, cream, and aerosol), our Organic Sunless Tanner scored higher on all the following categories:

COMPARE IT TO THESE BRANDS IN PRICE AND INGREDIENTS - -- Lancome Flash Bronzer Leg Gel, 4.2 fl oz $42.00; Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream, 4.2 fl. oz $44.00; Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face And Body Self-Tanner 4.2 fl. oz 39.00; Then compare ingredients. You'll have to choose between chemical soups and natural organic tanning. Since you're here, we think we know which you'll choose.

 Best NATURAL Self Tanner. ODORLESS,           FAST drying and STREAK FREE.

Best natural EVEN tan in hours.

NO fake orange color!

NO funky scent!

Will hydrate, tighten and tone your skin at the same.

THE ONLY tanner with LIPOSOME Technology in a Spray

 Ultra fast drying. Won't stain clothes

 Non-aerosol pump, BPA & Phthalate - FREE


 Perfect for FACE and BODY

 100% NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE ingredients

 Best value (cost, container size, results)

 Absolutely 100% QUALITY Satisfaction Guaranteed


 Delivered in  4 oz spray mister


Made with fresh spring water, organic hand-filleted aloe vera, sugar extracted DHA, raspberry extracted erythrulose, certified organic jojoba esters, certified organic lecithin, bio-extracted wild crafted chaga mushroom, bio-extracted wild crafted frankincense, bio extracted water soluable certified organic cocoa, quaking aspen tree bark, bio-extracted horse radish root.

This is the only sunless tanner available which incorporates liposome technology in a spray form. Our liposome technology delivers more active ingredients below the surface of the skin than any other spray tanner, which is why our sunless tanner will give you a more natural, deeper, longer lasting tan.

"I have super fair skin and I live in Texas. This means that 9 months out of the year, I'm in shorts...and believe me, nobody (lest of all me) wants to see a 39-year-old Casper in jogging shorts. *lol*. Then I found this stuff while doing my usual "organic spray tan" search on Amazon. I've used it twice now and really LOVE it. LOVE it. I was initially worried about using a pump (as compared to the ease of an aerosol); however, the mist it produces is very fine and the bottle (I got the 4 oz. to try it) is easy to hold/doesn't require a ton of pressure to pump." Mary K

"I just started using the sunless tanning product and went slowly at first just to test to make sure I didn't have any reaction. Well, it started to work in just 24hrs and I have already told most of my friends about this purely organic product! I will order the sweet potato cream next! Thank you for creating products that our skin loves!"

"I love that this doesn't have the typical self tanner stink. This also dries very fast and the best part is it doesn't break me out like all the other self tanners. The only thing is I wish this made me a little darker. I get very light color after using this 3 days in a row but the color is nice and realistic, not orange." MH

“Used this prior to cruise-scrubbed well top to toe, 3 coats with drying time between (I confess had to use hair dryer. It's humid here in Florida-lol) no stain in tub or on floor. I looked a bit golden pretty quick and a really great color by the next day. Color lasted well 5-6 days." C. L. Madsen

"Very happy with this product -- sprays very nicely, dries quickly. Initially, Apply 2-3 applications to get desired color then less to maintain. No harsh or overpowering smell." CMD

"I have tried them all, and this is the most natural tan EVER! I don't review much but I just ordered another bottle cause I'm afraid to be out of it! Yes, NO orange, does not make age spots stand out with an awful color. YES it does take a few days to show, but well worth it!" Yoleo

"The tan is super natural. Not orange-y or streaky. It looks like I was out in the sun. I really like and will buy it again. It does take getting use to putting it on because it comes in a spray. I've sprayed it in my hand and put it on and I've sprayed it directly on my face and it works just fine too. Either way, the tan looks great and natural. LOVE IT!" Susan M.
"Not only is the product safe to use when you are pregnant - the customer service wth this product is above and beyond. They email you to give you directions for proper use and even work hard to make sure you get the product really fast at no extra charge. I have olive skin and this tan color made me look just the right amount of caramel sun kissed." Shadow"SP"

" I like that this sunless tanner is made up of all natural ingredients and impressed with the color. I am naturally fair skinned and self tanners tend to make me look too bronzed. The great thing about this spray is that you can really adjust the level of tan you want. After the first time, I am definitely sold on this product!" R. Houston





As with most skin products, we recommend you test an inconspicuous area of your body first before applying all over for any compatibility issues. 

(1) For best results shower and cleanse skin. A gentle exfoliatetion (non-oily) is recommended but not necessary. Make sure your skin is towel-dry.

(2) If concerned about inconsistent coloration on elbows, knees, hands, or feet apply a thin layer of body lotion to these areas.

(3) To prevent falling mist from soaking into the tops or soles of feet wear sandals or cover these areas.

(4) Use latex gloves if you intend to spread the tanner over your skin with the palms of your hands. Proper misting technique will not require use of hands to spread or rub-in product.

How to Apply:

(1) Stand on a towel in the bathroom.

(2) Spray your entire body. Gently layer mist on skin. Apply only enough mist as the skin can absorb in 5-7 minutes. Avoid spray levels that cause running or streaking.

(3) Apply up to three applications in one day based on desired color (each coat should dry in 5-7 minutes).

(4) Be sure to wipe off the floor area around the application area as product can make tile or linoleum slippery.

(5) Allow application to dry before getting dressed.


(1) Your tan will increase and deepen over a period of 36-48 hours. Do not use product for more than 3 consecutive days before allowing 48 hours to pass to determine tan level achieved. Once you reach your desired color, one application a week should maintain your tan.

(2) For some skin tones one application will be sufficient.

(3) For a youthful glow (on the face only), exfoliate face, rinse, and dry, then spray face, neck, and décolleté. Allow to dry and repeat up to 3 times.

(4) After your first few applications, you will find it remarkably quick and easy to maintain or adjust your tan as a part of your normal bathing and grooming routines.

(5) Although the product is specifically designed for solo application, some people prefer the maximum ease of having another person spray parts of or the entire body.

(6) This healthy organic tanner won't stain clothes or fabric when dry.


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