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Being Green Is Becoming Cool. But it hasn't always been that way.

My Skin's Friend is based on a belief that the body will keep itself in healthy balance or regain its health given a steady diet of  Organic or Wild Crafted, Chemical Free, NON-GMO foods--and that includes skin foods.

We've been "health nuts" since the late 70's. While most people were excited about the next fast food outlet opening up in their home town, we were on a regimen of healthy foods (that were hard to get back then unless you raised it yourself) and consumed whole food vitamins and nutrients to help maintain our health. 

We are what we eat . . . and what goes on our skin.

Now in our 60's, we are even more particular about what goes into and onto our bodies. We know there are a lot of people who feel the same way and thousands of newly educated souls coming to this realization every day too.
Whatever goes on the skin (our body's largest organ) also gets into our bodies. For that reason, we believe customers should have a choice when they buy skin and hair care products that include organic, non-toxic, NON-GMO, chemical free products that are not tested on animals and offer safe ways to maintain healthy skin and hair. Period.

We don't use the term "organic" because it's the current marketing buzz word.

We mean it. We're very picky about where we source our raw products and even picker about the quality of the finished products. We've had retailers approach us asking to buy watered down versions of our products so they could sell them cheaper under a different brand to take advantage of the popularity of organics. We politely thanked them for their interest but refused to budge on the quality.

If we can't make a better product that those on the market now, we don't sell it.

There are a lot of skin care retailers in the world. In fact, it's probably the most competitive category on earth since everyone has skin.

At some age, a large majority of "skin owners" understand that they need to take better care of theirs.

When you use any of My Skin's Friend products, you are getting the very best we can produce. From the feedback we get, that's exactly what people want nowadays. They are tired of the hype and wild claims that just don't harmonize with reality. They love knowing that whatever they buy and put on their bodies will nourish their skin and hair.

We think everybody should be making things the old fashioned way

We have no big factory, no huge bottling line. Everything we offer is made from scratch in our small, family owned and operated facility in Nashville, Tennessee. Everything in our collection starts out as organic and/or wild crafted vegetables, herbs, oils, nuts and berries.
   Even the water used in our formulas is more than just filtered water like everyone else uses. Ours is energized spring water collected from a natural spring in Arkansas that flows through crystal aquifers on its way to the surface. We believe the frequencies imparted to the water through that process enhances the health giving effects.
   Some of our rare herbs are sourced from natural, non-irradiated organic farms in Africa and the Middle East to assure the best efficacy. We’re very picky about our sources and go literally to the ends of the earth if that's what it takes to get the best.

Order with confidence and the assurance that we stand behind everything 100%!

We know you can't open, smell and try our products online like you can at the mall or the drug store so we've taken all the risk out of buying. Every item is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like what you ordered for any reason (or for no reason) just box it up and send it back for a refund! It's just that simple. No small type, no fine print. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Give yourself a fair test period

While the results of many products we offer show almost instant results, others need more time to prove themselves. That's why we give you a 90 day trial period. Don't just use a product once or twice and decide it isn't working. They all work or we wouldn't offer them. But not everyone's body chemistry is the same. And, our bodies don't usually get out of sort in a few days and likewise, it takes time to see results.

If you use our Fast Firming Face Lift Formula, Skin Stimulating Serum, Eye Lift Cream, Sweet Potato or Honey Aloe Lotion, Organic Sunscreen or Organic Sunless Tanner, you'll see results anywhere from instantly to 24 hours. But even though you'll see almost immediate results, those results will compound with continued use. Take our Liposomal Vitamin C Serum. Even though you'll definitely see visible results very quickly, the long term benefits begin to show up in 30 to 45 days. That's because it takes a while to rebuild the collagen layer below the skin and it is that collagen layer that makes the skin plump, tight and more youthful looking.

So give yourself enough time to see the results of 30 days or more of regular use. Your skin will not lie. It will either look more radiant, smooth and have a healthy glow or it won't. You'll be the judge. It's your call. We just don't want you to miss out on the one thing you've been looking for just because you didn't give yourself a fair trial. Don't worry, even if you send back the empty bottle, you still get a refund. Take your time.

With the hair regrowth products, it'll sometimes take two weeks to see scalp problems clear up even though you will likely see an improvement within a week. If stopping hair loss is your goal, our Follicle Stimulator is THE best you can get.

Used on a daily basis, some people see hair loss stopped within a week. If regrowing or thickening your hair is your goal, plan three to eight months of regular, daily application of the HRT Scalp Booster and HRT Follicle Stimulator. You should also use the HRT Organic Shampoo to help clear your hair and scalp of sebum and any built up films and residue from chemical shampoos and creme rinses that leave behind silicone oils and chemical residuals.

You'll love what we left out!

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free (any scent you detect is from the organic ingredients including organic vanilla)

No Artifical Colors

No Preservatives

No Petroleum products

No Lanolin

No Alcohols

NEVER tested on animals

Our product creation is both art and science.

Formulating skin and hair care products is usually done by mixing a recipe of various chemicals in bottles, labeling them and offering them for sale. It takes no time to produce hundreds or thousands of bottles of these products.

At My Skin's Friend, product creation is much different. Since everything begins as food, it takes weeks for our bio-extraction process to extract all the goodness from each of our foods.  Once the "broth" is mature, we then combine it with our organic oils and other organic ingredients to make the finished product.

For instance, our skin tightening Serum takes almost 30 days from start to finish due to our proprietary biological extraction process used. Each batch of our Sweet Potato lotion takes two weeks to produce and then must sit and "mature" for 24 to 48 hours before bottling. It is all very time intensive but we think you'll agree it's worth it.

So the next time you apply My Skin's Friend Sweet Potato lotion, roll-on our Skin Tightening Serum or enjoy any of our other products, rest assured that you are enjoying the art of natural creation and that each product you use is a master piece!

Our goal is 5-STAR products and customer service

Please let us know your experience with your purchase and tell us what we can do to make your experience even better. We love hearing from My Skin's Friends and read every email personally. Please keep in touch and contact us with any questions or comments.

Take care and thank you for being My Skin's Friend!

Click here to send us an email. We always love hearing from My Skin's Friends. 

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