Organic Honey & Aloe Body Lotion

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An effective natural, CONCENTRATED healing and soothing moisturizer.


This all organic lotion gets its effectiveness from the hand filleted aloe in its full strength concentration

You see, most products that tout aloe on their label don't tell you that the aloe is usually harvested, thrown into a big machine whole, crushed and collected. From there it is usually diluted heavily with water so you only get a very small fraction of aloe's incredible healing power. 

"Wow! What a luxurious lotion. Say "goodbye" to those awful, stinky store-bought lotions. This product is the real deal! And, I'm thrilled to have a lotion that has ingredients I can actually pronounce! That makes me comfortable putting it on my body. I can use it at night after showering, and it doesn't keep me awake with an awful smell. Sleep soundly knowing that you have purchased a fantastic product." Sarah S.

At My Skin's Friend, we first harvest our huge aloe leaves from a farm in Arizona that has been growing organic aloe since 1975 so we know it is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful substances. Then we do the unheard of process of slicing each leaf open by hand and taking out the gold inside in the form of gel. From there we liquify it and add it to our Honey & Aloe Body lotion at full strength--not diluted

That's what sets ours apart from all the others and your skin will know the difference. To that we add wild crafted honey and other natural, organic ingredients to create one of the most skin friendly lotions on the market. Use it anywhere you have skin.

"I am impressed with this product's ability to soften my hands down deep. It lacks a fruity or flowery smell, just has a mild honey smell which is nice. If you want something that really works, buy this product." B. Bracken

Even the water used is energetically structured and sourced from a natural spring that filters through crystal aquifers before rising to the surface for bottling. It isn't the lowest price lotion you can buy, but isn't your skin worth it?

Absolutely Luxurious after a bath or shower. Some even claim it gives them a calming feeling after applying. Perfect for sensitive skin and highly effective for dry skin.


"I ordered this lotion because had extremely dry skin by the end of the winter, but wanted to find something with simple, natural ingredients. The majority of lotions on the market are filled with perfume and chemicals. It gave me peace of mind to use a product that comes basically strait from the earth. On top of that it works great.

"In just a day or two my skin was healed and soft as velvet. The lotion has a unique refreshing smell of what I believe is the aloe. After rubbing on it soaks into your pores strikingly fast. Within minutes you can already feel the smooth difference instead of greasiness. I had the pleasure of a few short email conversations with Angela and could not be more happy with the customer service. Very nice people and glad to help out."

Gluten Free

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free

No Artificial Colors

No Preservatives

No Petroleum products

No Lanolin

NEVER tested on animals

  • Made with CONCENTRATED hand filleted ALOE VERA gel. Organic, hand-filleted Aloe Vera is one of the main ingredients in our body lotion that is combined with other natural extracts with ANTIOXIDANT functions which will add additional PROTECTION from harmful UVB rays. Our Aloe is 100% pure, ORGANIC, and not diluted with water or other agents.
  • QUALITY skin care without CHEMICALS! No-Artificial Colors, Scents or preservatives. Vegan.
  • RAPIDLY absorbs to HYDRATE & NOURISH. Specially formulated to PENETRATE astonishingly FAST. Helps skin retain a soft, silky, HEALTHY, youthful appearance in spite of the harsh, dry winter cold or summer sun.
  • The power of this product on the skin is REMARKABLE. It MOISTURIZES INSTANTLY without clogging the pores or leaving the skin OILY.
  • The problem with most Aloe found in products is that the Aloe extract is so WATERED DOWN that your skin is basically receiving a solution of about 5% Aloe with the rest being water. Our Aloe is 100% PURE, organic, hand filleted, and NOT DILUTED with water or other agents.
  • NON-GREASY and will moisturize, UVB PROTECTION, RESTORE and RENEW even the most troubled skin.
  • A luxurious, organic lotion for the most SENSITIVE skin.
  • Leaves skin soft, SILKY, SMOOTH and so touchable.

Use from head to toe.

Grape seed oil, aloe vera gel (from organically grown, hand filleted leaves), raw honey,vitamin E, beeswax, NON-GMO lecithin, xanthan gum, quaking aspen tree bark and bio-extracted horseradish root.

Apply anywhere you want a soothing skin balm. Especially effective in dry, winter climates.


 Questions? Send them here. We're always glad to help

The AMAZING property of our ORGANIC ALOE VERA HONEY Body Lotion is that it will disappear astonishingly fast into your skin, NOURISHING, moisturizing and RESTORING your skins natural moisture level.

It is very LIGHT, subtle and natural. An organic lotion designed and formulated to give you quality skin care without putting HARMFUL chemicals on your skin.

The power of this product on the skin is remarkable. It is non-greasy and will moisturize, PROTECT, RESTORE and renew even the most troubled SENSITIVE skin. HYPOALLERGENIC.

Not flowery. No artificial fragrances used. Nothing in nature equals the healing power of Aloe for the skin.

Our Aloe is grown and processed on a VIRGIN parcel of land that has been growing organic Aloe Vera plants since the early 1970's. The SOIL is so VIBRANT that the Aloe leaves are MASSIVE in size. Most companies use Aloe extracts created by mass harvesting and placing whole aloe plant (including the fibrous leaves) in large crushers. This process vastly REDUCES the intensity of the healing powers present in the plant.

Next, their aloe extract is so WATERED DOWN that your skin is basically receiving a solution of about 5% aloe with the rest being water.

In sharp contrast, OUR ALOE VERA is 100% pure, organic, hand filleted, and UNDILUTED with water or other agents.Do you see now why this is so much more powerful than the diluted brands?

It is non-greasy and will moisturize,protect,heal and renew even the most troubled skin.

Perfects for ALL SKIN TYPES and skin issues, it can be used from head to toe, from children to adults.

It will restore, protect and moisturize any part of your body it comes into contact with. Guaranteed free of synthetic dyes & fragrances,parabens, SLS, or petroleum based products, urea, or formaldehyde releasers.

Contains NO animal products & not tested on animals.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary.

 Remember....what you put on your skin goes inside your body.

Carefully Crafted In USA



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