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Is YOUR sunscreen in EWG's "Hall of Shame?"

Is YOUR sunscreen in EWG's "Hall of Shame?"

By Mariana Vazquez June 21, 2016 | environmental working group ewg EWG's Sunscreen hall of shame Organic sunscreen | 0 comments

We know sunscreen is a good idea. It is especially important during the summer months when most people are spending lots of time outdoors.  While most of us probably have the words "sunscreen" linked up pretty tightly with the words "beach", keep in mind that sun protection is a good idea...

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Curing Skin Problems Is Often An "Inside" Job . . .

Curing Skin Problems Is Often An "Inside" Job . . .

By Mike Smiley May 20, 2016 | | 0 comments

“25% of what you eat keeps you alive. The other 75% keeps your doctor alive.”  Egyptian proverb Clearing up skin issues from the inside out Our company’s goal is to help customers get relief from recurring or chronic skin issues permanently. It is not uncommon for our customer care team...

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Young women's cancer risk linked to tanning beds

By CIndy Cullen February 01, 2016 | | 0 comments

Young women who use tanning beds or booths have up to a six fold increase in their likelihood of developing melanoma, a new study found. Click here to read the story.

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Why Vitamin C "derivitives" don't work

Why Vitamin C "derivitives" don't work

By Mike Smiley November 23, 2015 | anti wrinkle cream best vitamin c serum organic vitamin c serum topical vitamin c for face Vitamin C serum | 0 comments

We love answering questions about how our products are made and why we think they are superior to some other brands. The truth is, there are a lot of good organic skin and hair care products out there today compared to twenty years ago when we became enlightened to the...

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Chemicals in Personal Products May Stimulate Cancer More Than Thought

By Mike Smiley October 27, 2015 | cancer chemicals parabens personal care products | 0 comments

At My Skin's Friend, we absolutely refuse to sell anything that isn't organic, natural and chemical free. It isn't hard to understand that when the body is subjected to certain chemicals that there may be negative health consequences.  Live Science has published an article that says that chemicals in some personal...

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By Mariana Vazquez April 15, 2015 | acne anti aging beauty blog essential oils fashion fine lines natural organic skin spring summer wrinkles | 0 comments

 "My wrinkles have dissipated and my skin has become firm again. I’ve used so many products on the market, and have spent a small fortune, but MSF Detox Clay Mask is by far the most effective product I have used.” -Stephanie Baldwin, age 36   -It pulls out toxins while...

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A Salute To L'Oreal For Getting Real

By Mike Smiley October 29, 2014 | Helen Mirren Helen Mirren stars in R.E.D. Helen Mirren: new face of L'Oreal Paris UK sun protection super organic moisturizer wrinkles | 0 comments

We’ve been told that the Baby Boomers have been controlling the economy and cultural direction throughout the world since the 1950’s. We’ve just seen another verification of that with L’Oreal’s naming of a 69 year old Helen Merin as the “new” face of the company. Sixty is being characterized as...

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Weight Loss, Pregnancy, S-T-R-E-T-C-H Marks and Sweet Potatoes

By Mike Smiley October 21, 2014 | age spot fader age spots liver spots natural acne treatments organic body lotion organic body lotions organic skin repair lotion organic skin tightener rosacea skin cancer sunburn help sunburn repair super organic moisturizer | 0 comments

You finally succeeded at losing those extra pounds. Congratulations! You did it! But now, there’s another problem. It’s the inevitable result of weight loss (even if that weight loss was a new baby!). S-T-R-E-E-E-E-C-H marks. It means you’ve succeeded at your primary goal. An epidermal badge of completion if you...

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Ebola Virus, influenza, and your immune system

By Mike Smiley October 19, 2014 | CDC and ebola ebola Ebola virus ebola virus symptoms natural defenses against ebola virus organic defenses against ebola virus strengthening your immune system naturally travel risks and ebola | 0 comments

Even though only a few people have been infected with the Ebola virus in the United States, there is panic brewing around this scary, lethal disease. Honestly, with the way Ebola has spread throughout countries in Africa and since the prognosis is always grave, we believe it will benefit all...

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Is your body lotion making you sick without you even knowing?

By Mariana Vazquez October 19, 2014 | acne chronic infections chronic stress eczema Gluten gut hormones ice cream leaky gut lotion organic body lotions organic shampoo psoriasis rosacea skin care products toothpaste toxins wheat | 0 comments

Research shows that whatever you apply on your skin goes inside your body. Should that make you stop and rethink and verify the ingredients in ALL the makeup, creams, lotions and whatever you are applying in your skin? Well, yes if you want to feel good and full of energy...

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