Body Lotion Moisturizer Melon Fresh. Best and Fastest Antiaging Body Cream

$ 29.99

Video featuring My Skin's Friend's Lead Formulator explaining how Melon Fresh Body Cream is made and how our natural, organic ingredients will rejuvenate even the most damaged skin.
Extracted nutrients from fresh melons nourish your skin with Vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals, lycopene, superoxide dismutase (S.O.D. enzyme that helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells ) and citrulline. Citrulline improves blood flow to the skin, flushing toxins and providing a healthy glow. But it does much more . . .
    • Superoxide Dismutate pushes back against fat accumulating under the skin. ​

    • Superoxide dismutase protects the skin like no other anti-oxidant can. It is the only anti-oxidant that binds itself directly to collagen--preventing what is known as collagen oxidation. Collagen oxidation causes your collagen to weaken and break. That produces wrinkles and sagging skin. Because Superoxide dismutase binds directly to collagen, it helps prevent this from happening to your skin.

    • Not all forms of superoxide dismutase are beneficial to your skin. Each form contains either zinc, copper, iron or manganese. The manganese form (which we extract in our facility from fresh, organic melons) provides the most benefit.

    • Your're also getting many other nutrients that are beneficial to your skin from these fresh melons.

  • Melon Fresh Body Cream is absolutely the best antioxidant lotion we've ever developed. Nothing applied to your skin is going to improve the antioxidant status of your skin better.

  • Melon Fresh Body Cream improves the appearance of wrinkles, "Creepy Skin", age spots and scarring .

  • Improves the glow and health of your skin before and after sun exposure.

  • The fresh, subtle, natural scent of ripe melons tells you that you are feeding your skin real food, not a chemical concoction.

My Skin's Friend Melon Fresh Body Cream cantalope
  • Great for ALL Skin Types             
Click on the ingredients tab above to see all the organic goodness you'll be feeding your skin.


    Bio-extracted Fresh organic watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melons, fresh spring water, organic hand-filletted aloe vera leaf, organic extra virgin olive oil, fresh pressed grapeseed oil, vegetable and bees wax, grapefruit extract, fermented horseradish (as a preservative), melon essential oils.


    Apply twice daily or as often as desired to help detoxify, smooth fine lines and promote healthy looking skin.

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