Organic Hair Follicle Stimulator

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Adds stimulation to the hair follicle for FASTER, THICKER, SHINIER and HEALTHIER looking hair re-growth.

When our lead formulator started losing his hair 50 years ago, he naturally turned his talent for researching and creating natural, organic solutions to finding a way to help stop hair loss. Little did he know that after a couple of years that he would almost discover the remedy by accident. After failing with several formulas, he decided to try a bio-extraction of a rare, Italian seed to see if that would stimulate the follicle to begin regrowing hair again.

The first few attempts were encouraging but still not what he was after. Once he mixed the extraction with a liposome delivery system, he knew he was close. Finally, he hit upon the perfect balance of natural ingredients that had the desired effect he was hoping for and thanks to the Follicle Stimulator, a lot of happy customers are seeing their hair fallout stop and new hair start growing back in.

If you're experiencing hair loss or you've already lost your hair, this might be the answer you've been looking for, especially if you are like me and don't want to expose your body to harmful chemicals or drugs. While many of the so-called natural hair loss remedies are useless, the HRT products work as well or even better than products like Minoxidil, Rogaine or Propecia but without the risk and side effects associated with them.  Although we highly recommend using it as part of our 3-STEP hair regrowth system, it will make a noticeable difference in hair loss reduction and re-growth even if used by itself.

"I used this on recommendations from friends. It really works and it so easy to use it." Elcasacesar


Works well for both women and men and for all hair types. See results in as little as two weeks
Adds INSTANT thickness and body to the Hair Spray mister for easy application at home or on the go Leave-in to add more BODY and FULLNESS 100% ORGANIC Sulfate Free Gluten Free Works on oily, normal to dry hair Safe for color treated hair Unscented  
  • ORGANIC NON-CHEMICAL hair Follicle Stimulator - Provides added stimulation to the hair follicle for FASTER, THICKER, SHINIER and HEALTHIER looking hair re-growth.
  • INSTANTLY adds thickness and body to your hair. EASY to use. Simply apply to scalp several spots, then massage with finger tips, comb or brush to distribute. If using it with our Organic ANTI-OXIDANT Shampoo, towel dry then apply, brush and style as usual. Use anytime as a leave-in to add more BODY and FULLNESS to your hair.In as little as THREE TO FOUR WEEKS, see significant decrease in hair loss and notice that your hair is thicker, stronger, healthier and that your scalp issues like dandruff and itchy scalp have IMPROVED. Shortens the time involved in seeing visible hair RE-GROWTH.
  • Unlike some brands that use label tricks, the HRT Hair Rescue System is 100% Guaranteed to produce VISIBLE hair re-growth when used as directed.
  • Fretting over your hair loss won't help. Ordering now starts the wheels in motion to do something about it. On its own it will provide a natural stimulation to the hair follicle. If you have mildly THINNING hair, combining the Hair Follicle Stimulator with the Organic Stimulator shampoo and HRT Scalp Booster will produce best results.
For use by anyone experiencing thinning hair.

Fermented Organic vegetable protein and berry extract, fresh spring water, Phospholipids, proprietary blend of bio-extracted sunflower, false daisy, rutaceae pilocarpus, Bladderwrack, grapeseed, red clover, beeswax, horseradish, quaking aspen tree bark, bio-extracted peppermint.

When using with the Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioner, simply mist after application and comb or brush. If just using with the Organic Anti-Oxidant Shampoo, mist after towel drying and then brush and style as usual. Can also be used anytime to add more body and fullness to hair. Simply mist and comb or brush. Wanna know more? Click here for more tips and tricks for halting hair loss and/or regrowing lost hair.

Wanna know even more??

Check out our frequently asked questions to get even more information on our HRT line including our hair follicle stimulator.

Follicle Stimulator the best investment you can make and not only for your hair but your whole health because all our products are chemical-free, gluten-free and Non-GMO.

Individual results may vary. 


Remember....what you put on your skin goes inside your body.


Carefully Crafted In USA

Available in 1 oz and 2 oz size

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