Organic Face & Body Sweet Potato Lotion

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Do you have dry skin? Does it seem to get worse in the cold, winter months? Can't seem to find a body lotion that isn't filled with chemicals or perfumes?

We understand. We're just like you. We don't like covering our skin with chemicals either and most of us have sensitivities to any kind of synthetic perfumes.  Those are a few reasons why we started My Skin's Friend in 2013. We were weary with trying to find skin products we felt good putting on our skin.

Our first product was Sweet Potato Lotion. It was the culmination of reasearch and just plain luck. We knew the sweet potato was was one of the only known sources of non-oil, full spectrum Vitamin E and high leverls of Vitamin C and A. We learned that it also is a proven collagen builder and could help diminish the appearance of cellulite.  But that was just the beginning. We've since discovered that this lotion is truly a miracle in a bottle. 

 It effectively neutralizes free radicals -- stopping their destructive effects on your skin. That's why it is a very potent healthy, chemical-free, anti-aging lotion.

Among other amazing quality of the Organic Sweet Potato are the high levels of the beta amylase enzyme that helps remove the dead, dull outer layer of skin--helping to keep your skin fresh and glowing. It also contains high levels of potassium which is proven to help relieve dry, itchy skin.

Dermatologists agree, Vitamin A is key in skin repair

Dermatologists discoverd decades ago that in order for the skin to benefit from vitamin A, the topical retinoid has to break down into retinoic acid in order to really be effective on the skin.

Same connection was made with vitamin E and C.  As you can imagine, we've spent our time and effort focused on extracting and formulating this lotion to express as many of those natural skin balms as possible while keeping it chemical free.

Can Vitamin A+E+C really help skin elasticity and stretch marks?Stretch marks and My Skin's Friend Sweet Potato Lotion
We think so. Skin care aisles are stocked with an endless array of anti-wrinkle formulas but most have one thing in common: If you read the ingredients, you will invariably find derivatives of Vitamin A, E and C. There's a difference you can feel between theirs and ours.

Our extraction and delivery methods are the secret for our Vitamin C effectiveness

These are the reasons why Organic Sweet Potato Lotion works so effectively on the skin in comparison with other lotions on the market. We use our proprietary, cutting-edge technology to extract the nutrients packed into organic, whole super-foods and break them down into small molecular elements. This rich broth is then incorporated into our superior liposomal delivery system to provide direct cellular contact. Other Lotions offer the synthetic forms of the vitamins which do nothing for the skin and can even cause skin irritation and damage.

How It Fades Brown Spots
Another quality of the Organic Sweet Potato lotion is that its natural carotenoids also help disperse accumulated pigment near the surface of the skin, reducing the appearance of brown spots or hyper pigmentation.

Your Acne may improve too!

The natural vitamin A analogues present in Sweet Potato Lotion are scientifically proven to help normalize the over-production of sebum and keratin. That could mean a reduction in acne outbreaks without dangerous drugs or chemicals.

“Retinoids prevent wrinkles,” says Miami dermatologist and retinoid expert Leslie Baumann, M.D., “And, they are the only topical products that get rid of wrinkles you already have.”

How Sweet Potato Lotion Erases Wrinkles

Retinoids bind to corresponding receptors in the skin. This peels off the top layer, which evens skin tone and thickens the layers below, smoothing out wrinkles. Retinoids boost collagen levels, a protein that keeps the skin firm and springy, by blocking the genes that cause it to break down and increasing other gene activity responsible for its production.

Diane Irons, author of “911 Beauty Secrets: An Emergency Guide to Looking Great at Every Age, Size and Budget,” contends that the antioxidant qualities of vitamin E can enhance collagen production resulting in increased elasticity and a reduction in scar or stretch mark visibility.

What Does All Mean to You?
It means that this "ordinary" body lotion can also produce remarkable results when used regularly on your face too! 

From head to toe, Sweet Potato Lotion is the way to go My Skin’s Friend Organic Sweet Potato Lotion is produced with the best quality and concentrated natural (NO synthetic) ingredients available to perform at its best and is based on our belief in organic, chemical free, no toxic ingredients. It can be applied literally from head to toe (anywhere you have skin) to provide sweet relief to dry, cracked or blemished skin. Great for dry and cracked feet and heels.

Cracked heels for Sweet Potato LotionAll our products are 100%, No Questions Asked, Take-It-To-The-Bank Guaranteed. We offer this guarantee because we carefully craft and produce each of our products so we trust what we offer to our clients.

It is time to start throwing away any skin care products you have that contain harmful chemicals and start replacing them with the best organic, chemical free products you can get. Make the decision to protect your health and your entire family.

Maybe you are one of the many people that struggle day to day with symptoms that you cannot even describe. Could your non-organic full of chemicals skin care products may be the one causing them?

The only way to know is to take action now and start cleaning your pantry, your body and the entire family of the unwanted chemicals. Do not continue feeling sluggish, in pain and depressed. Act now, do something about it.

Start regaining your health and beauty right now. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund all your money no questions asked.
Organic seal
Without question the best value you will get for your investment.

This one is not just a moisturizer. It actually repairs your skin. Naturally balanced for all skin complexions. And of course, like all our products, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

NO Parabens

NO Alcohols

NO Perfumes

NO chemicals

NO animal testing


 Quick recap of the beneifts

Apply to your face and body for INTENSE TIGHTENING and MOISTURIZATION without tackiness or any type of greasy feel. Sweet Potato Lotion effectively builds and maintains your natural moisture barrier, helping to keep your skin TIGHT, CLEAR, SOFT and SMOOTH.

HELPS keep your skin WRINKLE FREE. Certain skin matrix enzymes cause a degradation of the collagen matrix in your skin which creates wrinkles. The high levels of natural BIO-AVAILABLE beta carotene in Sweet Potato Lotion effectively neutralizes these enzymes, helping keep your skin wrinkle free.

PROTECT your skin with the most superior form of VITAMIN E. Sweet potatoes are the ONLY known source of NON-OIL, full spectrum Vitamin E which are abundant in Sweet Potato Lotion. Adequate levels of natural full spectrum Vitamin E are critical for your skin's continued health.

Organic Sweet Potato Lotion applied to your face and body also provides gentle EXFOLIATION. High levels of the beta Amylase enzyme derived from the sweet potato help REMOVE the dead, DULL outer layer of skin to reveal alive, fresh cells, helping to keep your skin fresh looking and GLOWING.

Helps clear your skin of ACNE, blemishes and non-malignant growths like seborrheic keratoids (also called senile warts.) One of the causes of acne and in-sightly growths popping out of the skin is the over-production of sebum and keratin. The natural vitamin A analogues present in Sweet Potato Lotion are scientifically proven to help normalize the over-production of sebum and keratin. Natural carotenoids also help disperse accumulated pigment near the surface of the skin reducing the appearance of brown spots or hyper pigmentation.

Bio-fermented fresh,organic sweet potato liquid extract, fresh,hand-filleted aloe vera, bee and vegetable wax,grapeseed oil,organic papaya extract,quaking aspen tree bark,fermented horseradish,organic vanilla extract.

I have pretty bad acne 
I have pretty bad acne during the winter and it's a combination of stress from school and work, sports and dry air. I've tried a few products but it seems that the chemicals leave a layer of what feels like "makeup" on my face and don't help heal and hydrate my face like it should. I bought this product because it didn't have chemicals in the ingredients, just extracts of actual superfoods, so I bit the bullet on it hoping it'd be a cure for my face. I was not disappointed with this product one bit. Paired with a generic face wash, I use this for my face daily and the acne has been much less blotchy looking after a few weeks. Just waiting until my face is finally cleared up. If you want a good product that wasn't made cheaply with synthetic chemicals, this is for you.
Sweet Potatoes the real "SUPERFOOD"

Best lotion I have ever used!

By Marika 

Verified Purchase

This is seriously the best lotion I have ever tried! It's really dry where we live and I always struggle with dry skin. This lotion completely solved that for me! It's made with all natural and organic ingredients so there are no harsh chemicals going into your skin. To top it off, they have excellent customer service! They reached out to me to find out what I think of their lotion and immediately responded to my questions. Highly recommended product and company!

She said it's the best lotion she has tried in a long time!

By Dorky 

Verified Purchase

I bought this lotion as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. She absolutely loves it! She said it's the best lotion she has tried in a long time.

Excellent lotion for dry, sensitive faces

By Andrea 

Verified Purchase

I love this lotion! It felt pretty thick when I dispensed it into my hand, but it really does absorb into the skin quickly. I typically wait for it to sink in and then apply another layer (because I live in a very dry climate) and that usually does it. It's never irritated my skin (and I've got very sensitive skin, prone to irritation pretty easily and red rashes or bumps) nor has it broken me out, and I've been using it night and day. I'm definitely going to be purchasing again.

My boyfriend says it makes my face smell like cupcakes, lol.

 So natural!

By K. A. P. "Proud Mom" 

Verified Purchase

I bought this cream after reading how natural the ingredients were. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated, smooth and glowing. Love how it contains so many vitamins and antioxidants. A brown spot on my forehead even seems to be fading. So far so good! It's been 2 weeks using this product.

 Great product worth trying!

By J. Ryan 

Verified Purchase

Very nice cream! It makes my face feel soft and supple and absorbs into my skin very nicely. It makes my skin feel refreshed and I feel great about it being all natural!!

 ... have mature dry skin and find this product works great when it is warm outside or as a base ...

By Pamela Logan 

Verified Purchase

I have mature dry skin and find this product works great when it is warm outside or as a base moisturizer under make up. Like that it is made with wonderful healthy ingredients. Make my face soft, smooth feeling with no greasy build up. A keeper!

 Really nice!

By Kwame Franklin 

Verified Purchase

I like the smell of this product. I'm also noticing that it's clearing some of the dark spots on my face. Lastly, it didn't cause any breakouts on my face.

Highly recommended!

By S. K. Roller 

Verified Purchase

This lotion makes my skin moist and I have very dry skin due to a lot of sun. Pleasing fragrance, rich and creamy. Highly recommended !

 Great for the face!

By Zara Jeffrey 

Look younger already! Great for the face.

 Finally! A Chemical Free Moisturizer!

By Rydia "Crazy About Amazon" 

Verified Purchase

I like it. It absorbs well, doesn't feel greasy, but it's enough moisture under makeup. My face stopped breaking out and looks smoother. I love that it doesn't have chemicals. I'm hooked.

 You have to try this, makes your skin glow.

By Laurie "Laurie JT" 

Verified Purchase

I really love this lotion. I am 57 and my skin was looking dull. This really makes my skin look so healthy. I started using this twice a day with retinol at night and collagen peptide in the morning. After a few weeks l started noticing improvement in the lines around my lips, improved firmness at the jawline and less puffiness under my eyes. No change in an age spot. The smell of the lotion is very pleasant and dissipates quickly.l really like that this lotion is made with natural ingredients. Good price. I am looking forward to trying some of their other products.

 Great Stuff!

By Becky C "honest reviews given" 

Verified Purchase

I love this stuff. I was looking for something more natural and this fit the bill. It arrived prompt and from the first time I put it on my face, I could tell the difference. Its so creamy but absorbs so well and what a plus that I can use it on my body as well. I've only used it for 3 days (twice a day) and can totally tell a difference, so much that I already placed an order for another bottle!

 An organic lotion I actually like....

By Shannel Scofield 

Verified Purchase

great stuff. Not greasy, fast absorbing, I'm not usually a fan of vanilla scents b/c they are heavy and way too sweet but this one smells fresher to me, not like getting snuffed by a vanilla bean.

 Five Stars

By Satu O. o

Verified Purchase

I love this skin lotion and the best is that's all natural adn organic yay!! :)

 Skin Rescue Therapy's Sweet Potato Lotion

By S. R. Thompson 

Verified Purchase

I just received this lotion recently and love it. I wasn't looking for a miracle in a bottle or anything. I just wanted something organic, with vitamin A and no parabens that I could use at night on my body. I have other products that I use for my face. It has a light coconut scent that I really like. The consistency is nice, absorbing into the skin quickly. I will be buying this again.



My Skin's Friend Sweet Potato Lotion is Non-comedogenic, which means it won't block skin pores. Massage on face and body anytime your skin feels dry and itchy, after bathing, swimming or as a bedtime moisturizer. On problem areas like spots, rashes, flaking skin, feet or irritated areas, simply apply liberally and allow a few minutes for your skin to absorb it. Unlike greasy or oily products, our Sweet Potato Lotion will disappear into your skin shortly after application.






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