Kombucha Multi-Vitamin C Serum. Professional Strength

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 NEW!  IMPROVED (again)!

We've added the probiotics from raw, organic kombucha to our formula and you're going to L-O-V-E how your skin will look and feel!

Vitamin C Serum Multi-Vitamin Complex now with Vegan Hylurate, Lycopene, Ferulic Acid and SuperOxide Dismutase from Fresh Melons PLUS raw, organic probiotic kombucha!

The most effective Vitamin C Serum you can buy.


Vitamin C Serum plus kombucha

"We're all getting older . . . but there's a difference between getting older and aging."


When it comes to aging, the key to unlocking youth and vitality really lies with changing your genetic and environmental risk factors through diet, exercise and organic skincare products like ours. 

You’ve probably joined the millions of people enjoying raw, unpasteurized Kombucha to help increase the friendly bacteria in your digestive system but you might be surprised to learn that what’s good for the insides is also good for the outside. Yep, it’s true and we might be the first (and only) company in the world to offer a R-E-A-L Vitamin C Serum with our own raw, unpasteurized Kombucha

Like our digestive system, our skin has colonies of micro flora living on it. The latest research is showing that the health and quantity of friendly bacteria in this delicate skin eco-system has a major impact on the health and appearance of your skin. 

In fact, these micro-organisms are involved in so many processes that benefit our skin, it might take years for the scientific community to get a solid understanding of the full extent of their involvement in the overall health of our skin.   

But here’s what we do know now. 

  • We know they play a role with UV protectionraw kombucha
  • collagen and elastin formation
  • faster wound repair
  • increased moisturization
  • antioxidant and anti-glycation activties
  • improving skin issues like acne, rosacea, rash and eczema
  • reinforcing the protective acid mantle of the skin 

Maintaining a healthy colony of these friendly microbes is an extreme challenge. Every time our skin is exposed to pollution, toxins, tap water, and more, they upset the delicate balance of these friendly skin micro flora.

This micro flora Imbalance contributes to accelerated skin aging--making wrinkles, fine lines, rough dry skin, breakouts, rash, eczema, sagging skin and age spots more likely and apparent. 

If you care about the appearance and health of your skin then improving this micro flora is just plain logical. 

If adding Kombucha is so good, why haven’t the big brands done it already?

The reason you haven't seen “live” probiotics in skin care products is because heat and chemicals kill them. Over 99% of skin care products are made using some level of heat and chemicals--and that includes the organic and natural category. 

Making this Vitamin C Serum with Kombucha wasn’t easy, but our trade secret process developed by our formulators accomplished it! Our process keeps the probiotic cultures in suspended animation until released onto the skin. 

The process seals the kombucha in microscopic, gel-like structures made from food that keep them from multiplying until your fingers start spreading the product--releasing them into your skin.

The serum also delivers liposomal L-ascorbic acid deep into the skin along with enzymes, B vitamins, powerful anti-oxidants from organic melons and many other nutrients boosting your skin's nutrient status beyond optimal. 


What's so special about Vitamin C? Very simply, collagen and other connective tissue cannot survive without it.

You may have heard stories about ancient mariners who fell very ill on long voyages. These mariners were thought to have some kind of terrible disease. Their teeth and hair fell out, their arms and legs became lame and they literally began to fall apart. Not knowing what do about this strange disease, these mariners were left on a deserted island to die while their shipmates continued their voyage. On the return trip, the ship stopped at the same island and found, not skeletons, but that all these sailors were in excellent health! To survive, they ate fresh fruits from the island rich in vitamin C and were cured! These men were suffering from a disease called scurvy. Today we know scurvy is caused by a vitamin C defiency. Vitamin c is critical to all our connective tissue, including collagen. Collagen is that jelly like substance just below the surface that produces plump, tight looking skin.     
Age, environmental toxins, UV damage, smoking, etc. diminishes the collagen layer over time. Like a deflated balloon, the skin begins to look thin and sag and sometimes takes on a leathery appearance.
That's the bad news. But there is good news too. In fact, there is very good news! Topically applied Vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid) can help reverse this process and rebuild the collagen layer.That means a smoother, plumper, healthier and younger looking skin. That is why Vitamin C Serum is so popular. But, there's a dark side to all this too. 

As stated earlier, the only form proven to help rebuild collagen is ascorbic acid. The problem with ascorbic acid is that it will oxidize rapidly when in solution and exposed to air and light. You can make your own vitamin c serum at home but be ready to toss out most of it in a few days because it will go bad fast. Since ascorbic is so delicate, many companies turned to other forms of vitamin C for facial serums. 

The most popular form is called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. M.A.P. for short. To the right is what the M.A.P. molecule looks like. This form would work if you were ingesting it. That's because the digestive system can make it bio-available through the digestive process.

Unfortunately, there is no digestive action on the skin. 

Other "stabilized" forms of vitamin c serum include ascorbate phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate (A.P.), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (S.A.P.) or, scorbyl palmitate. These are among the top ingredients in many of the vitamin c serums being sold. But, if the ascorbic acid doesn't get to the cells, how is going to benefit to your skin?

Making a shelf stable Vitamin C like we do using ascorbic acid is more difficult and expensive. That's why some brands sell for as much as $170 an ounce versus others with so-called “stabilized” forms of vitamin C mentioned above selling for $20 or less a bottle.

The only way to make a long lasting and effective Vitamin C serum with true bio-available ascorbic acid is to use a process we use called micro-encapsulation. It sounds complicated but is actually quite simple. Here's a simple illustration explaining how it works.

My Skin's Friend Liposomal Vitamin C Serum

The ascorbic acid is wrapped inside a phospholipid, or a fat molecule, derived from plants. This protective bubble shields it from oxygen--the number one enemy of ascorbic acid. This gives the serum a shelf life of up to twelve months.    

Although yours won't be sitting around that long, it's good to know that the last drop will be as good as the first. Most customers will use about one bottle a month when applying it daily. In addition to protecting the L-ascorbic acid molecule, these lipids also act as delivery agents once the serum is applied.

"My Vitamin C Serum has an orangy/brown color. Doesn't that mean it's oxidized?"

Sometimes we get this question and it makes perfect sense. Normally, when R-E-A-L Vitamin C oxidizes, it turns a brownish color like what you see on this bottle.

My Skin's Friend Vitamin C Serum

This is a photo I took of MY bottle of Vitamin C Serum. 

We discussed the wisdom of adding extractions of Ceylon cinnamon, organic sweet potatoe and cantelope to our formula because like you, we thought it would cause concern among those who knew what oxidized l-ascorbic acid looks like. 

Please be assured that every bottle of Vitamin C Serum you order is a recent batch and that this color is perfectly normal. It means that, in addition to the free-radical fighting power of l-ascorbic acid, you're also getting protection from these other organic sources.


My Skin's Friend Vitamin C Serum is 20% Professional Strength. According to the Pauling Institute, the maximum skin absorption of real vitamin C occurs at 20% strength.  Higher concentrations actually have less absorption.

Our New and Improved Vitamin C Serum has incorporated the natural anti-aging, free-radical fighting, skin plumping power of Vegan Hyalurate (water retaining molecules extracted from organic fruit and vegetable pulp), adenosine enhanced fresh melon broth (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew) and food extracted lycopene. It also includes full spectrum oil and water soluble Vit E-bio-extracted from sweet potatoes, ProCinnamon (food sourced polyphenol anti-oxidants from cinnamon), SkinTaut (plant sourced skin tightening peptide complexes) and ferullic acid extracted from flax seed which happens to be the food with the highest concentration.

Even using real l-ascorbic acid alone isn't a guarantee of top efficacy. It needs co-factors found only in food to do its job properly. Think of it like bread needing yeast or baking powder to rise.

In the earlier example where the MAP, SAP, etc is taken internally, the body will provide the necessary co-factors so the body can use it. However, when applied to the skin, it’s nearly impossible for that to happen. This chart will give you a quick and easy way to see how the various forms of vitamin C stack up.

Deciding Which Vitamin C Serum Really Works Can Be Very Confusing. This Chart Will Help Clear Up That Confusion.

That's why we’re so excited about this new formula. We started with our current highly effective formula which had food co-factors from fruit pulp, and added a powerful whole-food broth from sweet potatoes, watermelon, honey dew and cantaloupe to amplify the effectiveness even more. These fresh food extracts provide the co-factors necessary for full vitamin C benefits.

 In fact, if you’ve watch any of the beauty product infomercials featuring a well known model talking about a “secret” discovery by a French scientist, you know that certain components of melons possess anti-aging properties. Specifically, the nutrient super oxide dismutase that is found in melons. Well, that’s one of the components that we’ve added to our new formula Vitamin C Serum.

We also added natural food-sourced lycopene, which helps protect the skin from damage, and Omega 3 fatty acids which strengthens the moisture barrier of the skin. We believe it is the very best and most effective whole-food Vitamin C Serum on the market today.

The combination of these powerful anti-oxidants and skin tighteners provide your skin with a mega dose of anti-aging, free radical fighting skin nutrients. Although you will see a difference within a few days. . . the real story will begin to unfold 45 to 60 days following your daily applications.

You will see your skin become tighter, smoother and healthier looking as the collagen layer beneath the surface is rebuilt.

While other liposomal encapsulated vitamin C serums currently sell for up to $200 an ounce, you won't pay any where near that for this upgraded version. Because we are a virtually unknown small, family owned company, we have to "pay our dues" to become a well known national brand.That's to your benefit because our little mom and pop company wants to get the word out about the superiority in quality and performance of this organic vitamin c serum.

I hope this has been helpful in sorting out some of the confusing hype surrounding all the various forms of Vitamin C Serum on the market.

 Today, you can order a full one ounce size of My Skin's Friend Organic Liposomal Vitamin C Serum in the full 20% professional strength and everything you’ve read here risk free with our standard 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because it doesn't matter what we say, what matters is how or if you get the results you're looking for and the only way to find out is to try it for yourself.

If you don't love it, we'll buy it back!

Get started fighting free radicals on your face and transforming your skin today with one of the world's best Vitamin C Serums. Thank you for being My Skin’s Friend.

Raw Unpasteurized Kombucha, Vegan Food Extracted Polymer Gels, Organic Hand-Filleted Aloe Vera, Bio-Extracted Whole Food Vit C (L-ascorbic acid) Complex 20%, Vegan Hyalurate (water retaining molecules extracted from organic fruit and vegetable pulp), organic white oak distillate, adenosine enhanced fresh melon broth (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew), food extracted lycopene, full spectrum oil and water soluble Vitamin E-bio-extracted from sweet potatoes, foodsourced olyphenol anti-oxidants, plant sourced skin tightening peptide complexes, gotu kola, horsetail, MSM,vegetable glycerin, jojoba oil, grapefruit seed extract, fermented horseradish, organic phospholipids, omega 3 Fatty acids, food source vitamins (A, B6, B12, C, D, E and thiamin, riboflavin, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, choline, betaine), food source minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus,potassium, sodium, manganese, selenium).


Apply a thin amount twice daily to build up the vitamin C levels in your skin. This is a very concentrated form of Vitamin C Serum so please note that if you notice a shiny or sticky skin, reduce the amount applied. It should take only a few minutes to be absorbed. 

If you are using My Skin's Friend Kigelia Luxury Night Cream, Fast Firming Face Lift Formula or Sweet Potato lotion, we recommend applying the Vitamin C Formula first, allowing it to be absorbed and then applying the other product.

If you have any questions please contact us at support@myskinsfriend.com. We want to help you get the most benefits possible from everything you buy.




If you use a Vitamin C serum now or if you are considering using one, you simply won’t find one anywhere, at any price that compares with My Skin’s Friend Kombucha Vitamin C Cerum.

And as always, it’s backed by My Skin’s Friend risk free 100% money back guarantee!


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