Organic Skin Lightener

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Organic versus Chemicals. That's the issue. Consider this and then decide. My Skin's Friend Skin Organic Skin Lightener Is More Effective For Fading . . .

- Age-Spots

- Hyper-Pigmentation

- Melasma

- Acne Marks

- Skin Discoloration

 Than The Chemicals . . . 

- Hydroquinone

- Kojic Acid

- Alpha/Beta Arbutin

- Undecylenic Acid

- M-Tranexamic Acid

Don't damage your skin with chemical products when you can get better, faster results with this 100% all natural product. 

Choose the natural solution for diminishing age spots, skin discolorations, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, or to just lighten the overall tone of the skin.

Try it for yourself risk free!

We've added organic moisturizers and a non-toxic mineral sunblock too!. Other organic ingredients help your skin come back to a healthy balance, even reducing fine lines and wrinkles while lightening the dark areas of your skin.

Unique copper competing compound made from organic sources doesn't bleach your skin. It competes for the copper that causes the brown spots to appear. By capturing the copper, it prevents it from forming spots.

Best to apply to entire area around the spots you are trying to remove as the source of the copper is not always at the place where the spot appears.

 All organic.

A rich broth of class A and B procyanidins bio-extracted from a proprietary blend of Ceylon Cinnamon, purple sweet potato and fruits. 

Inhibits melanin protein expression

Helps repair the connective tissues collagen and elastin

 Inhibits the formation of advanced glaciation end-products (those brown rust spots)

 Provides a powerful water and fat soluble anti-oxidant protection.

Waukee Inner Root Extract

The waukee tree a member of the fig family is grown mainly in Hawaii and Indonesia and is more effective at inhibiting melanin production than the chemical hydroquinone.

Bearberry Extract, Licorice Root, Gentian Root, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), Vitamin C, Bio-extracted Fruit Enzymes,

This proprietary skin lightening combination works quickly and is entirely safe.

Inactive ingredients:

Hand processed aloe vera, proprietary extracted saturated fatty acids from coconut oil, fulvic acid mineral complex extracted from our own rare mineral clay, organic beeswax, zinc Oxide, horseradish, quaking aspen tree bark.

Instructions for use

My Skin's Friend Skin Light is formulated to work in harmony with all of our other organic skin care products. When using with Vitamin C Serum, Face Lift System, Kigelia, etc., we recommend that you begin by cleansing your face preferably using My Skin's Friend luxury clay exfoliating soap or our mineral cleanser. Both will gently clean your skin without stripping it of of natural oils or destroy your skin's natural bacteria barrier. Not only do these cleanse well, they also prepare your skin to accept the nutrients in the other products.

Pat your skin dry and then gently rub into the skin, including the area around the discoloration; then dab a little extra on the problem areas and gently rub in.

If you are going for an overall lighter skin tone, apply the cream to as large an area of the skin as you desire.

Always apply extra with more frequency to any areas where you want a more increased lightening effect.

The natural herbal scent will dissipate within a few minutes.

Allow at least five minutes to absorb into the skin before applying any moisturizer or makeup.

We recommend using Kigelia Luxury Organic Face Cream as an added moisturizer.

Reducing stimulation to the melanin producing agents in your skin is critical while using this cream so avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. My Skin's Friend Skin Light provides a very mild SPF of 6 so if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period we highly recommend using My Skin's Friend organic sunscreen

Applying our Enzyme Skin Peel to the problem areas at least twice a week will greatly speed up the lightening of the skin.

You will see a slight change with the first few applications; more improvment within 10 days; and excellent results around 30-45 days.