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Hair Rescue Therapy FAQ's

What is HRT™ System and how does it work?

HRT™ System is made with only natural active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be the most potent anti-DHT compounds available today. HRT™ System work by blocking DHT in the scalp-decreasing the levels of the hormone available and naturally stimulating the hair follicle to stay or start the anagen-growth phase. This allows the hair follicles to rejuvenate and produce thicker and stronger hair.

What are dead-atrophied hair follicles?

The effect of unchecked DHT destruction on the follicle over a long period of time can permanently destroy the follicle and cause the follicle to be replaced by scar tissue. Nothing can make a dead follicle produce hair, that is why it is important to start protecting the follicle sooner rather than later. 

What Causes Hair Loss?

More than 95 percent of all hair loss in men and women is due to a condition known as androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. This happens when DHT is produced in high quantities by the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme found in the scalp. The binding of DHT to the genetically predisposed hair follicle results in lower nutrient uptake and gradual suppression and miniaturization of the hair and eventual shrinkage and deterioration of the hair follicle.

I recently had hair transplants. Can I use HRT™ System?

Yes. Although the transplanted hair follicle is resistant to the destructive effects of DHT, the surrounding follicles are not, so we recommend using these products after hair transplantation.

I am using Rogaine® and/or Propecia®, can I use HRT™ System at the same time?

You could… however these products produce great results on their own and it would probably be a waste of your money. The Hair Rescue Therapy products are all natural, all organic so your choice is between chemicals and organics.

Do I need to keep using HRT™ System?

After you achieve your desired results, you can cut down on the frequency of use however we recommend you continue them if you want to maintain a healthy head of hair.

How is HRT™ System used?

Shampoo your hair with the HRT™ Organic Stimulator Shampoo, daily or every other day, apply a small amount of the HRT™ Organic Scalp Booster Leave-In Cream after shampooing and a larger amount before bed massaged into the scalp and then mist the HRT™ Organic Hair Follicle Stimulator on top of the conditioner. Also you can mist the HRT™ Hair Follicle Stimulator several more times during the day and just let it settle into the scalp for extra stimulation.

Does HRT™ System work on other ethnic hair types like African American hair?

It works for all ethnicities.

Does HRT™ System have any side effects?

None we are aware of when used as directed. HRT™ System active ingredients are made of all natural compounds and have a long history of use both orally and topically. However, some people may experience a little redness in areas of extreme baldness-that can indicate hair follicle stimulation and usually visible hair growth in those areas becomes evident about 30 days after the redness. If any redness or itchiness persists discontinue use and we always recommend a skin test on the inner forearm before use to check for any allergic reactions.

What kind of results can I expect?

After one to 3 weeks of use, you will see a significant decrease in hair loss and notice that your hair is thicker, stronger and much healthier also scalp issues will improve like dandruff and itchiness. After three to four months of use, continued thickening becomes more visible and keeps increasing with continued use.

Does HRT™ System work for women?

Yes, we have about half women and half men as satisfied customers. In most cases the cause of hair loss in women is basically the same as in men. There are some minor differences, in women estrogen helps to protect the hair follicle from the destructive effects of DHT. However, when estrogen levels decrease and DHT production increase women can develop thinning hair. HRT™ System works the same in women as in men to protect the hair follicle from DHT.

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