Organic Fast Firming Face Lift System

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An INTENSIVE Extra Strength FINE LINES ERASER facial treatment that TIGHTENS the skin and helps REGENERATE collagen.

 You will see visible results in just 30 minutes and more profound results with continued use.

It restores the protein matrix responsible for holding the skin together.

Unlike some of the popular brands, ours doesn't depend on tricks to make your skin look tighter when in fact it is causing even more damage and increasing the probability of wrinkles forming. This formula actually smooths wrinkles and tightens skin using our organically derived ingredients.

  Gentle to the skin but at the same time, is an intensive, extra strength, all natural botanical fine-line eraser that restores the protein matrix responsible for holding the skin together. And that's just the start.




 ORGANIC Mineral Facial Cleanser. This skin friendly formula prepares your skin by cleansing without stripping off natural oils and friendly bacteria.




Organic Enzyme Peel. Truly one of the most effective non-chemical skin peels ever developed. It helps remove dead skin cells by naturally loosening the "glue" that holds them together instead of stripping them off with harsh acids. This prepares your skin for OPTIMUM results. Provides our own high-performing natural food source extraction of retinol.



Fast Firming Face Lift Formula. A truly brilliant blend of organic, nutrient rich ingredients including our organic trademark discovery which instantly tightens and tones your skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, it also moisturizes and protects without causing irritation, breakout or most importantly--will not clog your pores. Anti-Bacterial and  Anti-Fungal properties, it is perfect for using day and night. Unscented, non-allergenic, nourishing and highly effective.


Organic Vitamin C Serum . You've heard that Vitamin C Serum in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid is the best investment you can make in your face and it's true. The Vitamin C Serum helps heal the underlying collagen layer of your skin, giving your face smoother,clearer, more radiant appearance. We looked at the other Vitamin C Serums on the market and frankly we weren't impressed. Even one selling for $186.00 an ounce just didn't have what we thought it should in order to produce superior results.

Our New and Improved Vitamin C Serum has incorporated the natural anti-aging, free-radical fighting, skin plumping power of Vegan Hyalurate (water retaining molecules extracted from organic fruit and vegetable pulp), adenosine enhanced fresh melon broth (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew) and food extracted lycopene. It also includes full spectrum oil and water soluble Vit E-bio-extracted from sweet potatoes, ProCinnamon (food sourced polyphenol anti-oxidants from cinnamon), SkinTaut (plant sourced skin tightening peptide complexes) and ferullic acid extracted from flax seed which happens to be the food with the highest concentration.

The Fast Firming Facelift System provides amazing results and by applying a thin layer of our Vitamin C Serum before applying the Fast Firming Face Lift Formula, you'll be simply amazed that the improvement in your appearance in just 30 days of regular use! To get the Facelift System with Vitamin C Serum, simply choose it from the drop down menu above.

It's everything you need in one system to have healthier and younger looking skin. Free of synthetic dyes & fragrances, parabens, SLS, petroleum based products, urea, formaldehyde releasers. Contains no animal products & NOT tested on animals.

It is perfect for SENSITIVE Skin. Restores your skin to a brighter, fuller, thicker, and more elastic texture.100% natural and rich in anti-oxidants. Moisturizes and protects without causing irritation or clogging of the pores. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Great for DAY & NIGHT use.

I've put together a more detailed explanation of the system and how you can get the most benefits from it. Click here to learn more.

 NON Allergenic

Very Nourishing.

HIGHLY Effective! -



Paraben FREE

SLS Free


No formaldehyde releasers

NO Petroleum ingredients

NO animal products or by-products

NEVER tested on animals

For use by anyone wanting tighter, healthier, younger looking skin.

Please see ingredients on each individual product label. All natural. Never any harsh or artificial additives. Our labels tell all so you can use with confidence.

1. Start by cleansing your face with the Organic Facial Cleanser. 2. Next, apply the Enzyme Peel in a medium layer over your entire face and neck. It is safe to use around the eyes and mouth. Gently massage it into the skin for a minute or two, leaving a surface layer to dry to a gummy consistency for about 10 minutes. For superior exfoliation, remove the semi-dry gum gently with a dry face cloth. This will provide a deep exfoliation vs simply rinsing it off. Once the bulk of it has been removed, rinse the remainder off with warm water and pat face dry. This has a resurfacing effect, removing dead cells and preparing your skin for optimum results. 3. Next, add the Vitamin C Serum all over your face avoiding the eyelids. You may feel a tingling after applying the serum from the l-ascorbic acid. This is an indication that it is working and that sensation will subside with a few minutes. 4. After the Vitamin C Serum has been absorbed, apply a thin layer of the Fast Firming Face Lift Formula evenly over your entire face and neck. Again, it is safe to use under your eyes and around your mouth. Gently massage into your skin and allow it to be absorbed for two or three minutes. For extra tightening, you can apply another layer after the first application has been absorbed.

ALWAYS use this second step on problem areas. 5. Makeup can be applied in about five minutes (once skin has absorbed the Facelift cream) 6. For problem areas, use a little extra  Vitamin C Serum and Face Lift Formula. For superior results, we recommend that you use The Vitamin C Serum and the Facelift Formula morning and evening daily. The Enzyme Peel can be used 1 to 3 times per week. Over use of the Enzyme Peel may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. Always apply My Skin's Friend Organic Sunscreen when exposure to the sun is in your plans.

Maybe you've watched those infomercials where they put some gunk around the eye and in 3 minutes the wrinkles are gone. What they are not telling you is that the person on screen just embedded a poly-silicate into his or her skin---the same substance used to make concrete harden faster and that is just going to cause the skin to age faster! When using our all natural products your skin will actually BE smoother and younger looking.

My Skin's Friend Fast-Firming Facelift System is for people who want real and FAST results instead of toxic gimmicks or cover-up strategies.
Our customers want their skin to ANTI-age rapidly, gracefully, and naturally back to a more youthful, healthy appearance. Now you can get the entire kit with everything you need to begin enjoying younger looking skin that will actually become healthier with regular use thanks to the whole foods used to formulate My Skin's Friend products.

This chemical-free organic, all-natural product produces visible results within 15 minutes and will keep Improving with continued use. The effect happens instantly--as soon as the cream starts penetrating the skin you will see and feel a visible difference.
Restores skin's natural shine and elasticity.
100% reported improvement in skin tightness, a reduction in wrinkle depth, and increased skin elasticity - Fast results

Produces shinier, healthier, younger looking skin
Results improve with continued use


Invest in yourself. Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED or your money back!

Questions? Click here to send them to us.


Remember....what you put on your skin goes inside your body.

Carefully Crafted In USA

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