Organic Hair Regrowth Dandruff Shampoo

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STOPS HAIR LOSS and DANDRUFF without harmful chemicals.

Helps stimulate hair growth in men and women.

It is designed not only to clean your hair but to REMOVE toxic buildup from your hair and scalp. That might sound obvious but many of the popular shampoos leave chemicals on your hair and scalp and sometimes getting your hair to stop falling out and regrowing it is to get the scalp healthy.

  •  Heals and eliminates dry, inflamed, itchy scalp and dandruff.

  • It naturally HYDRATES and REVITALIZES to prepare your scalp to accept nutrients needed to help start hair regrowth.

  • Helps stimulate hair growth in men and women. ANTI-AGING because of its powerful ANTI-OXIDANT properties.


"I ordered this product along with the HRT Leave In Conditioner and the Hair Follicle Stimulator about a month ago. I must say I am completely satisfied with the results. My hair looks and feels great. I had an issue with my receding hairline and now my hair has stopped falling off and started growing back! Very happy indeed." Luciano M.

 Perfect for oily, normal and dry hair
Sulfate Free
Chemical Free           
Safe for color treated hair
Gluten Free
Fragrance Free
Parben Free
Petroleum Free
Alcohol Free
PEG Free
TEA Free
DEA Free
NPE Free
Phthalate Free
NO Dyes
NOTHING but Organic
NOT Tested on animals


  • This shampoo is the highest QUALITY, MOST-EFFECTIVE REPAIR Hair Growth shampoo ever developed without chemicals and WORKS BETTER when used with the HRT 3-STEP hair regrowth system. The anti-oxidants used in this shampoo are very potent. They are mainly derived from tea leaves aged 15 years, organic pomegranates, organic grapes and organic apples.
  • ELIMINATES dry, INFLAMED, ITCHY scalp and dandruff. We recommend using only this shampoo while using the Hair Growth Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Follicle Stimulator because of their synergistic effects.
  • 100% proprietary formula REPAIRS damaged cells, rinses clean while leaving hair with HEALTHY body, TEXTURE and VOLUME but without toxins. Hydrates & revitalizes dry, damaged or stressed hair. Relieves itchy scalp. Eliminates dandruff. Cleanses and repairs damaged, irritated scalp, strengthens weak hair follicles and/or helps restore depleted natural nutrients & moisture.
  • Contains NO Parabens, Propylene, butylene glycols, Petroleum, sulfates, alcohol, PEGs, TEA, DEA, NPE, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, Artificial DYES or FRAGRANCES. Contains no animal products & NOT tested on animals.
  • Order now to start regaining a healthier, shinier, thicker hair and scalp.

This shampoo is the highest lathering shampoo ever developed without using chemicals. The anti-oxidants used in this shampoo are very potent. They are mainly derived from tea leaves aged 15 years, organic pomegranates and organic apples. This shampoo looks more like a deep rich burgundy wine because of the exceptionally high concentration of polyphenols. It repairs damaged cells while removing the toxic buildup from the hair and scalp. It's thoroughly nourishing and deeply cleansing. Safe for colored hair and all hair types (oily, normal and dry). Helps eliminate dry, inflamed, itchy scalp, and dandruff. We recommend using only this Organic Shampoo while using the Scalp Booster Leave-In Cream and Hair Follicle Stimulator. Contains high levels of polyphenol anti oxidants and Proanthocyanidins that we extract from fresh organic apples and are scientifically proven to stimulate hair growth. It also deeply cleans, conditions and removes any sebum buildup that can block or choke the hair follicle without using any chemical lathering agents.

Fresh bio-extracted organic apples, rare aged tea polyphenols, fresh spring water, saponified organic olive oil, saponified organic coconut oil, grape polyphenols, fresh bio-extracted, organic pomegranate polyphenols, horseradish.

Wet hair and pour a generous amount of he Organic Shampoo in the palm of your hand. Apply to wet scalp and lather. If you have longer hair you can repeat. Lather and allow to sit on scalp for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Our chemical-free Organic Shampoo is nourishing for face and skin so it is safe to rinse hair and allow shampoo to cover face and skin.

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Check out our frequently asked questions to get even more information on our HRT line including our organic anti-oxidant shampoo.
HRT Organic Shampoo the best investment you can make and not only for your hair but your whole health because all our products are chemical-free, gluten-free and Non-GMO
Remember....what you put on your skin goes inside your body.
Carefully Crafted In USA


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