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Getting the most from My Skin's Friend

One of the things customers have asked us about it why we don’t offer small, sample sized bottles of our products.

We discussed doing that when we started the company and during that discussion, our chief formulator explained that the skin takes time to change and that providing sample sized products would only give you an idea of the texture and smell—not how your skin will look with continued application.

Your skin needs daily applications and timeMy Skin's Friend hour glass

His point was that a sample size wasn’t going to provide your skin with enough to see the benefits and that by providing a small sample might cause to miss out on a product that would have produced the results you’re searching for. He said like a diet or exercise, doing it once or twice won’t produce any long lasting results. That made sense to us.

That’s when we created the “empty jar” guarantee

We decided that instead of offering small samples that would be of no real value to you, we’d encourage you to take your time and use the entire bottle or jar and then decide if it worked the way you expected. If not, we would give you a full refund with our sincere thanks for trying it even if you send back the empty jar or bottle. This gives you and your skin plenty of time to see the difference real, concentrated organic skin care products can make on your skin.

What you can expect when you begin using a truly concentrated, organic skin care product.

If you’ve been using chemical based or semi-chemical skin care products for any length of time, (makeup, foundations with polymers and silicones, etc.,) it is highly likely that your skin has some deep seated deposits of these non-organic substances and you may notice that your skin will begin purging those substances once you begin using our concentrated organic skin formulas.

 Like a splinter working its way out of your finger, those long-entrenched foreign objects in your pores may begin to be ejected slowly from your pores.

As this happens, you may notice that your pores will begin to shrink back to their normal, small size, making your skin appear to be smoother, tighter and healthier.

Will your first time make you blush?

While it is somewhat rare, we have heard from customers who’ve had a slight “flushing” of the skin as they began using the Sweet Potato Lotion, Kigelia Eternal Youth Night Cream and Vitamin C Serum. 

If it happens to you, don’t panic. The flushing should subside within a few minutes and will cease happening as your skin becomes healthier.

Most products are relatively dead biologically.  At My Skin’s Friend, we start every product with fresh, organic foods. Next, we extract the nutrients from them before blending the resulting nutrient rich broth with other ingredients to make the finished product. This isn’t just skin care . . . it is skin food you’re applying.

Our “living” lotions and creams stimulate your skin and when that happens, it might produce that mild flushing.  That’s a good thing.

The flushing tells you that fresh blood is being drawn to your face and that means your skin cells are being flooded with nutrients and oxygen while getting rid of toxins.

Customers tell us that once the flushing subsides, their skin has a healthy, pinkish appearance and they love it.

If you experience this from the Vitamin C Serum, try diluting it with water 50/50 the first few times while your skin heals.

You will absolutely love the way your skin looks once you’ve been applying it on a daily basis. Give it time to work.

Our products are concentrated so you need to use less.

Our goal isn’t making cheap products; our goal is making products that provide outstanding performance and value.

My Skin’s Friend products are super concentrated. No fillers and not diluted so you get more effective products AND they last longer because you need to use less.

For instance, if you notice your skin is shiny or sticky when you start using our vitamin C serum, it means you’re using too much each time. Reduce the amount until that goes away. Give your skin as much as it needs and no more because what isn’t absorbed is wasted. It’ll take some experimentation to adjust but your skin will look better and your products will last longer.

Thanks again for becoming My Skin’s Friend and remember that we are here to help before and after you order so feel free to write us with any questions or comments.

Angelica, Director of Customer Spoiling

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