Sunless Tanner FAQs

Will I look very tan?

With regular use your color will become darker and richer. Once you reach the color level you want to keep, then one or two applications per week will maintain your tan.

How does the Sunless Tanner work?

This is the ONLY Sunless Tanner available which incorporates liposome technology in a spray form. Our liposome technology delivers more active ingredients below the surface of the skin than any other spray tan, which is why our sunless tanner will give you a more natural, deeper, longer lasting tan.

Beyond the great natural looking tan you'll develop, this product will provide your skin with hydration and tightening or toning effects that make your skin feel alive.

Is the color of tan natural?

Your overall experience on the skin from using this product will be very similar to the way your skin would look if you had spent a day by the pool in the sun. We've designed our tanner to create these effects by infusing your skin with natural melanin along with a unique synthesis of certified organic ingredients. If you use this product your skin will truly become both naturally tan and healthier. This is a product with such superior performance on every level that you almost need to experience its effects to understand the results.

Discover The Advantages of This All Natural Tanning Synthesis: No Fake orange Color, No Funky Odor, and Easy Application

Not Only are there No Downsides or ADVERSE side effects, but you' ll experience healthier, younger looking skin.


Comparison and Benefits:

In product to product testing with the major retail and luxury sunless tanner brands (spray, cream, and aerosol), our Organic Sunless Tanner scored higher on all the following categories:  - Natural color - Quality of ingredients - Ease of application - Product smell during application and after application when dry on skin - Inability to stain clothing or bedding when dry - Shortest time frame before putting on clothing - Skin feel after application - Best value (cost, container size, results)


While using your sunless tanner, the products in the Fast Firming Face Lift System are extremely helpful. 

The Enzyme Peel also works well to heighten tanner potency and brighten tanning effects. 


"Everyone with a natural looking healthy tan color is perceived to be sexier, wealthier, thinner, and younger on average than he or she would be without the tan. Studies and practical experience reveal this to be true. This sunless tanner won't let you down."


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