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Have you ever read Little Red Riding Hood story….. Well if you didn’t I will tell you the story if you did you would remember…. when the big bad wolf swallows the grandmother whole (original version)(in some stories, he locks her in the closet) and waits for the girl, disguised as the grandma. …. wolf jumps out of bed, and swallows her up too. A lumberjack comes to the rescue and with his axe cuts open the wolf, which had fallen asleep. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother emerge unharmed….

Well, if you read the ingredients on most of the “disguised HANDMADE Natural….lotions” inside hiding are the chemicals disguised in fancy words that nobody understand. But slowly contaminate or kill us. Wouldn’t be fantastic if we as little Red Hood and her Grandma could emerge unharmed after all those years of chemical contamination?

Wikipedia: “Hydroxycitronellal compound is a skin and eye irritant. It should not be ingested or inhaled for any reason. If it gets in contact with skin, initial redness or whiteness will appear. If the compound is ingested, soreness and redness will appear in the mouth and throat. Inhalation of the compound will cause wheezing and difficulty breathing. Feelings of tightened chest and coughing are other possible symptoms. It is also an eye irritant that may cause eyes to water excessively”.

Hydroxycitronellal is ONE of several sneaky chemicals used on products so called “natural”. It is a colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid that is used as an ingredient in fragrances and flavoring. With its odor of floral lily and tropical melon, this compound can be found in cosmetics, soaps and detergents.

If you are one of the people that have suffered of skin irritation using a “NATURAL “skin care product you will love to try our TRULY natural all ORGANIC Sweet Potato Lotion™. It infuses your skin with natural vitamin A,B,C,E ,enzymes plus natural hormone precursors, Only FRESH ORGANIC SWEET POTATOES peeled, cut and bio-fermented by us are used in making this extraordinary healing anti-Aging face and body lotion.

The high levels of beta carotene in Sweet Potato Lotion™ effectively neutralizes the destructive free radicals that are activated by sun exposure stopping their destructive effects on your skin. 

Apply this lotion to your face and body for gentle enzyme exfoliation. 

High levels of the beta Amylase enzyme derived from the sweet potato help remove the dead dull outer layer of skin helping to keep your skin fresh and glowing. 

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