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Keeping Clear Skin While Wearing A Face Mask

By Bold Commerce Collaborator

Fighting the new epidemic of skin rashes and other issues that have resulted from wearing face coverings

Looks like face masks are here to stay a little longer so in response to complaints of skin rashes, acne and other issues that have popped up as a result of long-term mask wearing, let’s take a look at ways you can help make these new items less stressful and damaging on your skin.

 For all the good masks allegedly do, you may be noticing a few annoying problems beyond foggy glasses like itchy skin, pesky pimples, and oily blackheads, to name a few.

That’s because constantly wearing a face mask can inadvertently do a number on your skin. How? Well first, the constant friction as you talk, laugh, smile and even breath can damage the outer skin layer, leading to irritation and inflammation.

Second, masks trap humidity, sweat, and oil on the skin. In turn, this creates an environment that encourages microorganisms to flourish, worsening conditions like acne and rosacea.

While the CDC and local health officials mandate the use of face masks, what do you do if you develop skin problems due to the constant covering? You can mitigate any potential damage by giving your skin a bit of self love and by taking care of your face coverings properly.

First, wear a skin-friendly face mask.

Not all masks are created equal, at least when it comes to keeping your skin clear. Some dermatologists recommend a cotton mask. As we know, natural fibers are gentler on the skin compared to synthetics, and less likely to cause skin irritation.

Cotton masks are especially helpful during exercise when there’s increased friction and moisture around your face. To keep them from being extra rough on the skin, choose a 100% cotton material.

Avoid makeup and use sunscreen.

When you think about it, wearing makeup under your mask doesn’t make sense. Besides not being seen, it may also become trapped on the skin, block the pores, or increase skin irritation. Since no one will see underneath your covering anyway, it’s easier than ever to give your skin a break and go foundation-free.

But just because you have a mask on doesn’t mean you’re safe from sunburn. Applying an organic, noncomedogenic product is recommended to help prevent clogging pores. We recommend My Skin’s Friend organic SPF-30 applied lightly before masking up in the morning. Make sure you cover your entire face to help you avoid a dreaded mask tan. Yes, like the much known “farmers tan” we are now seeing mask tan lines among long-term wearers.

After Mask Care

So you finally get home and have the much anticipated pleasure of slinging that face bra off. What now?

It’s time to show some love to that pretty face. After washing your hands, let’s do some first aid to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

We recommend cleansing with organic mineral cleanser to remove the sunscreen. My Skin’s Friend organic mineral cleanser is very gentle and deep cleans without disturbing the natural bacteria barrier or drying it out.

This gentle cleansing will remove any built-up dirt, oil, and stray mask fibers, without stripping the skin.

Once you’ve patted your face dry, apply a light coat of either our Kigelia Luxury Moisturizer. In addition to providing unparalleled moisture replacement, Kigelia also helps restore the electrical balance with it’s 80 minerals including gold and platinum. It is simply the best moisturizer you can buy and it’s all organically formulated. If you prefer a less expensive solution, our organic honey-aloe, sweet potato or Melon Fresh lotions are also excellent organic moisturizers and will help feed your skin with nutrients extracted from plants.

Wash your mask the right way.

Proper way to wash and reuse face masks

The CDC says that masks should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use, which is technically once per wear, especially if you’re exercising. But remember that the detergent you wash your mask with can also cause skin issues. We recommend a mild, organic wash. Always rinse thoroughly too to make sure all the soap has been removed so it doesn’t bleed onto your skin once the mask gets warm and moist from long-term wear.

Check in with a dermatologist.

If you’ve tried the steps above and you’re still dealing with random breakouts, it might be time to make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist. Most dermatologists are now seeing patients through video visits but some might see you in their office and of course, they are trained to recognize and remedy most skin problems.

We're all in this together and at My Skin's Friend we're ready, willing and able to help however we can to keep your skin looking healthy until we can all unmask again.


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Before you spray, make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated.

Use a regular wash cloth, loofah or anything else you might already like to exfoliate with. I discovered this helps speed up the process because it starts with new, fresh skin cells, not the old dead ones. Don't scrub so hard that you cause an abrasion. Just a nice firm scrub.

Exfoliate before using My Skin's Friend sunless tanner
There are two reasons for this.
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  2. Secondly, dead skin cells tend to get darker than fresh cells and may cause some spotting so your outcome will be much more even once you properly clean and exfoliate your skin.
My Skin's Friend sunless tanner prep

When your done, dry off and go to the next step.

I put plastic grocery store bags on my feet from the ankle down to keep the tops of my feet from getting tan from the falling mist.
    Some customers have told me that they apply a thin layer of cocoa butter or other natural lotion like MSF Sweet Potato, Melon Fresh or Honey & Aloe to theirs.
    My Skin's Friend sunless tanner prep
    They also apply to elbows and knees because those areas tend to get darker faster and the lotion acts to help avoid that.

      O.k. with those bases covered, it's time to apply the spray.

      It is much easier if you have a friend who can spray you but almost all of our customers report they spray it on themselves with little problem. It might take a little practice to perfect it but it's done every day.

      My Skin's Friend organic sunless tanner application

      I apply it to myself most of the time but when I can get my husband to do it, it is easier to maintain a more even coverage.

      VERY IMPORTANT. The main cause of streaks or runs is OVER SPRAYING.

      Because My Skin's Friend sunless tanner is clear (no colorants or staining chemicals), it is hard to tell where you've sprayed.

      For this reason, it is important to plan to cover in a methodical way to make sure you don't over spray and get runs or streaks.



      1. Do right leg, left leg to thigh front.
      2. Right arm, left arm front and sides.
      3. Abdomen front (pubic bone to under neck unless you want au natural all over tan).
      4. Then back from hairline to butt. Then back of left leg, back of right leg.  

      If you have someone applying the spray to you, have them hold the bottle about a foot from your body and spray evenly from side to side, making sure to get an even coat. Applying too much each time will cause runs and you don't want that or you'll have streaks. Just a very light coat works like magic.


      If you see a run or large droplets during or after spraying, don't panic. It can be fixed before the streak shows up.

      Once you've finished your third and final application for that day, simply let the last coat dry a few minutes and then apply an organic lotion to the entire area to blend the overspray into the rest of the area. In almost all cases, this will completely eliminate any spots or streaks and you'll wake up with a very nice, even, natural looking tan.

      Over spray also happens because you will swear you're not getting enough on you but I assure you that you are. We chose the very fine mister pump to make sure you get a very light application each time to prevent runs or streaks.

      When one coat dries (which is very quick and can be accelerated with a blow dryer set to cool), apply the next one until you've sprayed three consecutive coats in one treatment.  I know you won't feel like anything is happening but trust me, it is.

      Once the third coat is dry, you're ready to get dressed. My Skin's Friend tanner won't color hair or clothes so don't worry about having to cover your hair or having it rub off on your clothes or bed linens.

      Cover your whole body or the areas you want tan with that first coat and wait 3 minutes or so for it to dry. One of the things people love about it is that it dries very fast.

      Repeat this process no more than three days straight.

      Once you've done if for three days, STOP and wait for 48 hours for your tan to “mature” and show you the final shade. If you want to be darker, simply continue to apply it as above until you reach your ideal shade. Once that happens, you can usually maintain your tan with a once or twice a week application. Remember, you won't see the final results for 48 hours
      after the final coat.

      That's it! That's all you need to have a cool looking tan. And when people ask where you got your beautiful tan, tell 'em Tahiti!

      If you have any problems, questions or tips you'd like to share with us and your fellow tanners, please contact us at We love hearing from our customers and always appreciate tips you've learned to help get the best looking organic tan under the sun.

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      Now, go show off that beautiful tan of yours!  

      My Skin's Friend Organic tanner

      Thank you for being My Skin's Friend.



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