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Little Known Natural Remedies for Controlling Acne

Acne. It is one of the most frustrating parts of being an adolescent. Acne treatments are also a $5 billion dollar industry. Is it any wonder that there are so many products on the market for the treatment of this very common skin issue?

At My Skin’s Friend, we’re always researching ways to help eliminate or at least reduce the severity of skin issues like acne, rosacea, black heads, white heads and other skin eruptions using natural, easy to obtain, safe and inexpensive products.

Our Detox Clay Mask is one of our best products when it comes to helping with these types of skin issues but there are also natural items you can use to help reduce the severity of acne.

It's not a mystery as to why the clay helps reduce or clear up skin issue once you understand how it works below the skin surface.

This illustration explains how the negatively charged particles of the clay attract the positively charged particles of dirt in the pore to pull it out and clear up the pimple. 

But saying it isn't nearly as impactful as seeing it. Take a look at this series of photos taken of a young man suffering from recurring eruptions of rosacea.

My Skin's Friend clay mask extracts dirt from pores to help with acneResults were accomplished using the clay mask over a ten-day period.

Another customer of ours who just turned 30 years old said she had almost daily flare ups of roseaca before she found relief with our Fast Firming Face Lift Formula.

My Skin's Friend clay mask helps reduce roscaceaThe fact is our skin issues often signal a possible problem within our bodies. For instance, if I eat a food containing corn or its derivatives, I will get a welt on my right elbow within a few hours. Even if I treated the outside, it would have no effect on my itching because the reaction was generated from within, not without.

This is a conversation we often have with our customers when they ask about using one of our products to solve or repair a specific skin problem. Sure we love to ship our “made from scratch” organic skin and hair products but we are also aware that sometimes skin issues can be cleared up or at least reduced simply by eliminating something from your diet or having your health care provider check your hormones to make sure everything is in balance. Once that has been confirmed, then we recommend topical applications to help repair the skin from the surface.

I’ve compiled a partial list below you can get at any health food store and some are even available at your neighborhood grocery. The main reasons for acne are clogged pores and bacterial infections. It is a common skin issue that affects around 80% of people at least once in their lifetime. If you are also fed up of your acne problem and looking for chemical-free ways to prevent your breakouts, then here is a list of organic and natural remedies that actually work to control acne.

  1. Aloe Vera: Clean your pimples and apply some aloe vera gel on them. If natural aloe vera gel is not available, you can also use a gel or cream containing minimum 10% of organic aloe vera in it. It has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can prevent acne and reduce their appearance. Containing water in huge amounts, it also works as a fantastic moisturizer.
  2. Honey: Take a drop of honey on your finger or a cotton pad and rub it into your pimples. You may also add honey in your face mask and apply. Honey is rich in antioxidants that is highly effective in clearing debris and waste from your clogged skin pores. It also has antibacterial properties that prevent acne breakouts.
  3. Jojoba Oil: Mix organic jojoba oil in your skin cream, gel or face mask and apply on your acne. You may also soak a cotton ball in jojoba oil and rub on your pimples. Made from jojoba shrub seeds, it is known to repair skin damage and heal wounds. It can also reduce inflammation and help you get rid of swelling, redness, inflammation and whiteheads from your face.
  4. Coconut Oil: Rub pure coconut oil on your pimples directly. Make sure that the coconut oil you choose is pure and natural and it should be 100% chemical-free. This oil also contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can destroy bacteria that causes acne, redness and swelling in pimples. It may also accelerate recovery of open sores left by acne.
  5. Turmeric: Mix a pinch of turmeric in one spoon of chickpea flour, add some milk to make a paste, and apply on your acne sores. Leave for 10 minutes and then rub off while applying pressure with your fingers. Turmeric has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that help in different skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, pruritus, alopecia, and atopic dermatitis.
  6. Oatmeal: Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, and add water to make a paste. Apply this mixture on your face and rub. Finally rinse with water. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties that naturally soothe and relieve your irritation and help in getting rid of rashes, burns, eczema, itch, and erythema. Not only this, oatmeal also protects and hydrates skin and helps in soothing inflammation and dryness caused due to acne.

So, when you have all these effective and natural remedies to control acne, why go for chemical based products and medicines that are infamous for drying your skin out? Why buy expensive “remedies” from the television commercials that simply cover up the problem instead of addressing the cause.

Make use of these natural, organic, and skin-friendly remedies that not only treat acne, but also improve your skin condition and texture as a bonus.

When you feed your skin natural, organic nutrients, you’ll see a huge difference in the way you look and feel.

Are you struggling with a skin issue you just can't seem to find a remedy for? Please let us know and maybe we can help. Send us an email describing your skin challenges to

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...Organic Sunless Tanner


Stopping here first was a good call.

We used to enclose a printed version of this booklet with our tanner but we continually get suggestions and recommendations from the hundreds of customers who love this tanner so we decided to convert it to a more dynamic forum so you always have the latest information for getting the perfect tan.

One you learn these simple secrets, you can keep that sexy, natural looking tan all year long while you're also pampering your skin.

You'll get more than just a tan.

My Skin's Friend Sunless Tanner is on of the very few liposomal tanners on the market. It actually helps moisturize your skin as well as tanning it so it's like getting two products for the price of one.

These simple secrets will guarantee an even, natural looking tan
Getting an even, natural looking tan shouldn't be difficult yet we hear from customers who have tried so many sunless tanners on the market only to be disappointed in the look of their tan. 
We set out to make the best organic tanner on the market and from the emails and customer reviews we get, looks like we've accomplished it.
If you don't get the perfect tan, let us help
Sure, we occasionally get a customer feedback that says they got streaks or some uneven spots but even then, we work with them to help correct those issues and start over. Without exception, the outcome is positive so I urge you to write to us if you experience anything but a perfect tan and let us help.
Getting an even, natural looking tan is definitely possible without covering your body with chemicals, baking in a tanning bed or enduring the funky smell most tanners leave you with.
If you follow these simple steps, you too will be sporting a tan so natural looking that your friends will ask you where you just vacationed!
First things first. 
My Skin's Friend SUnless Tanner


Don't rush the process o.k.?

You want a natural looking tan, not a cheap paint job right? Just like getting a real sun tan, it takes a little time and patience but the outcome will be well worth it.
My Skin's Friend doesn't tan you, it causes your body to tan itself. In fact, when you spray it on, you won't see any color because there isn't any in it. That's why it doesn't look fake like a lot of others but there are "secrets" to getting the best, most natural looking tan with it.

Before you spray, make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated.

Use a regular wash cloth, loofah or anything else you might already like to exfoliate with. I discovered this helps speed up the process because it starts with new, fresh skin cells, not the old dead ones. Don't scrub so hard that you cause an abrasion. Just a nice firm scrub.

Exfoliate before using My Skin's Friend sunless tanner
There are two reasons for this.
  1. One, the organic tanner interacts with your skin to create the tanning process so the more fresh, clean skin it can contact (without oils or creams between) the faster, deeper and more even your tan will be.
  2. Secondly, dead skin cells tend to get darker than fresh cells and may cause some spotting so your outcome will be much more even once you properly clean and exfoliate your skin.
My Skin's Friend sunless tanner prep

When your done, dry off and go to the next step.

I put plastic grocery store bags on my feet from the ankle down to keep the tops of my feet from getting tan from the falling mist.
    Some customers have told me that they apply a thin layer of cocoa butter or other natural lotion like MSF Sweet Potato, Melon Fresh or Honey & Aloe to theirs.
    My Skin's Friend sunless tanner prep
    They also apply to elbows and knees because those areas tend to get darker faster and the lotion acts to help avoid that.

      O.k. with those bases covered, it's time to apply the spray.

      It is much easier if you have a friend who can spray you but almost all of our customers report they spray it on themselves with little problem. It might take a little practice to perfect it but it's done every day.

      My Skin's Friend organic sunless tanner application

      I apply it to myself most of the time but when I can get my husband to do it, it is easier to maintain a more even coverage.

      VERY IMPORTANT. The main cause of streaks or runs is OVER SPRAYING.

      Because My Skin's Friend sunless tanner is clear (no colorants or staining chemicals), it is hard to tell where you've sprayed.

      For this reason, it is important to plan to cover in a methodical way to make sure you don't over spray and get runs or streaks.



      1. Do right leg, left leg to thigh front.
      2. Right arm, left arm front and sides.
      3. Abdomen front (pubic bone to under neck unless you want au natural all over tan).
      4. Then back from hairline to butt. Then back of left leg, back of right leg.  

      If you have someone applying the spray to you, have them hold the bottle about a foot from your body and spray evenly from side to side, making sure to get an even coat. Applying too much each time will cause runs and you don't want that or you'll have streaks. Just a very light coat works like magic.


      If you see a run or large droplets during or after spraying, don't panic. It can be fixed before the streak shows up.

      Once you've finished your third and final application for that day, simply let the last coat dry a few minutes and then apply an organic lotion to the entire area to blend the overspray into the rest of the area. In almost all cases, this will completely eliminate any spots or streaks and you'll wake up with a very nice, even, natural looking tan.

      Over spray also happens because you will swear you're not getting enough on you but I assure you that you are. We chose the very fine mister pump to make sure you get a very light application each time to prevent runs or streaks.

      When one coat dries (which is very quick and can be accelerated with a blow dryer set to cool), apply the next one until you've sprayed three consecutive coats in one treatment.  I know you won't feel like anything is happening but trust me, it is.

      Once the third coat is dry, you're ready to get dressed. My Skin's Friend tanner won't color hair or clothes so don't worry about having to cover your hair or having it rub off on your clothes or bed linens.

      Cover your whole body or the areas you want tan with that first coat and wait 3 minutes or so for it to dry. One of the things people love about it is that it dries very fast.

      Repeat this process no more than three days straight.

      Once you've done if for three days, STOP and wait for 48 hours for your tan to “mature” and show you the final shade. If you want to be darker, simply continue to apply it as above until you reach your ideal shade. Once that happens, you can usually maintain your tan with a once or twice a week application. Remember, you won't see the final results for 48 hours
      after the final coat.

      That's it! That's all you need to have a cool looking tan. And when people ask where you got your beautiful tan, tell 'em Tahiti!

      If you have any problems, questions or tips you'd like to share with us and your fellow tanners, please contact us at We love hearing from our customers and always appreciate tips you've learned to help get the best looking organic tan under the sun.

      Want to share what you've learned? Click here to send a link to this page to your friends!

      Now, go show off that beautiful tan of yours!  

      My Skin's Friend Organic tanner

      Thank you for being My Skin's Friend.



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