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A Guide to the Benefits of Vitamin C and Choosing its Most Potent Form

Are you struggling to achieve vibrant, youthful, and healthy skin? Well, you’re at the right place. Our sole aim is to bring you the best skincare products to help you manage and treat all your skin problems. Vitamin C, procured from organic sources, is one of the most notable ingredients used in our products. If you’re wondering what makes vitamin C worth all the buzz in the skincare world, we are here to help you get a better grasp of how it works.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on why vitamin C should be your go-to option for repairing, restoring, and protecting the skin and why it’s important to consider which form you choose.

What is Vitamin C?

This water-soluble ingredient is needed to perform a myriad of essential functions to keep you healthy. Unfortunately, our bodies are unable to store this vital compound and we need to consume it every day to maintain its level. Along with its unmatched health benefits, vitamin C is also known as an important skin-savvy compound. As its levels start to decline in the skin due to certain factors, like hormonal imbalance, aging, oxidative damage, and stress, etc. it leads to various skin woes. Feeding your skin cells an adequate amount of vitamin C with topical products helps to keep the cells functioning at their best.

Vitamin C Can't Get Help Your Skin By Consuming It

The Benefits of Vitamin C for the Skin

This powerful skin-loving vitamin is also known as the powerhouse of skincare due to its extensive benefits ranging from hydrating and moisturizing the skin to treating hyper pigmentation and wrinkles. This is why Vitamin C is widely endorsed by skincare specialists and enthusiasts due to its natural ability to maintain the skin’s health. Below are some of the most important attributes of vitamin C that make it so special:

  • Accelerates Collagen Synthesis

Reduced level of collagen in the skin paves the way to pesky skin woes, such as wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. One of the main attributes of vitamin C is that it boosts the production of this protein in the body. It does this by helping with the manufacturing of collagen-producing amino acids (hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline). These amino acids also aid in stabilizing and binding collagen-producing molecules. As a result, the connective tissue is restored back to its healthier state.

  • Fights Oxidative Damage

Since it’s impossible to avoid exposure to harmful external factors, environmental aggressors, especially free radicals, can wreak havoc on the skin. Lucky for you, under its infinite array of skin benefits, vitamin C is highly effective in combating free radicals and other pollutants that come in contact with our skin on a daily basis. Vitamin C prevents and reverses cell damage caused by these impurities and thickens the dermal layer of the skin, ensuring the integrity of the skin’s protective barrier.

  • Treats Hyper-pigmentation

Overproduction of melanin in the skin is known as the most common cause of hyper-pigmentation or brown spots, which give an unattractive appearance to the skin. Sometimes, acne can also lead to post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation or acne scars. No matter the cause of your skin discoloration, vitamin C is a comprehensive treatment that lowers the level of melanin by impeding the formation of pyrimidine dimers. Moreover, it defends DNA against photochemical reactions that give rise to hyper-pigmentation and may also lead to skin cancer.

  • Retains Moisture

If you’re tired of dull, dehydrated, and dry skin and seeking a natural and effective treatment, vitamin C might be the answer. It restores lost moisture in the skin and strengthens the skin’s protective lipid (fat) barrier, preventing further loss of water and oils from the skin. What makes it even better is that it doesn’t give the skin a greasy or shiny appearance.

  • Reduces Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects of vitamin C are beneficial in speeding up the skin’s natural healing process and soothing inflammation. It works by promoting the regeneration and repair of the connective tissue and encourages cellular turnover. This action helps to heal blemishes, sunburn, bruises, and acne scars, etc. The soothing effect of vitamin C doesn’t only minimize redness, itching, and inflammation but also decreases puffiness around the eyes. Vitamin C is gentle enough for use by people with very sensitive and inflamed skin prone to inflammatory skin diseases, like eczema and rosacea.

Which Form of Vitamin C is the Best?

No matter how amazing the above-mentioned benefits of vitamin C may seem, it’s impossible to reap these benefits until it is used in its most bio-avaiable form.

As discussed above, the molecules of vitamin C are water-soluble. Hence, they get oxidized when hydrated in a skincare product, such as lotion, serum, and cream. This causes a decline in the potency of the products with exposure to light, air, heat, or water. This makes it quite difficult to deliver the ingredient into the inner layer of the skin, making it tricky to incorporate real vitamin C into skincare products. To deal with these stability and permeability issues, it’s crucial to make sure the product you choose contains the most stable and effective form of vitamin C.

First of all, vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid. Many products claim to be vitamin C and have names such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate or ascorbyl palmitate, but are not truly vitamin C.


Choosing the Best Vitamin C Product in the Market

Not all the skincare products are created equal. Therefore, you need to do some research on the brand you’re interested in and scan the content list of their vitamin C products before investing a fortune on them. Many brands use low-grade and less expensive derivatives of what they “call” vitamin C like the ascorbyl phosphate or palmitate or magnesium versions as noted above. These products may attract many people dur to their low price, but be warned that are not vitamin c and may provide little to no benefits. We invite you to do your own research and make sure you’re getting the most effective organic skin care products possible for your investment.

My Skin’s Friend Organic Liposomal Vitamin C Serum is formulated old fashion common sense and using state-of-the-art technology. The proprietary formula contains plant-based ascorbic acid in the form of micro-encapsulated liposomes that ensure the delivery of potent L-ascorbic acid and other nutrients directly into the skin.

Final Word

Vitamin C seems to have taken the skincare world by storm, and for all the good reasons. It offers unlimited skin benefits, such as cell regeneration, enhanced collagen synthesis, melanin inhibition, reduced inflammation, and intense moisturization. However, it’s crucial that you only apply skincare products containing a high-quality and most powerful form of vitamin C in order to gain maximum benefit from it. Low-quality vitamin C used in most of the mainstream vitamin C skincare products just cannot provide your skin you with the many rejuvenating, smoothing, lightening, and antioxidant benefits of this almost magical ingredient.

My Skins Friend offers Organic Liposomal Vitamin C Serum made with real l-ascorbic acid encapsulated inside a molecule of plant lipid to protect it from oxidation while in the bottle and to facilitate absorbtion into your skin cells once applied. It’s formulated for all skin types so don’t worry about it not agreeing with yours.

My Skin's Friend Real Vitamin C Serum with Raw Kombucha

Also please keep in mind that we are in business to help you have the healthiest and most beautiful skin at any age and that everything you buy comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to to try anything and everything you want with the knowledge that you are risking nothing by trying it.


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We used to enclose a printed version of this booklet with our tanner but we continually get suggestions and recommendations from the hundreds of customers who love this tanner so we decided to convert it to a more dynamic forum so you always have the latest information for getting the perfect tan.

One you learn these simple secrets, you can keep that sexy, natural looking tan all year long while you're also pampering your skin.

You'll get more than just a tan.

My Skin's Friend Sunless Tanner is on of the very few liposomal tanners on the market. It actually helps moisturize your skin as well as tanning it so it's like getting two products for the price of one.

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We set out to make the best organic tanner on the market and from the emails and customer reviews we get, looks like we've accomplished it.
If you don't get the perfect tan, let us help
Sure, we occasionally get a customer feedback that says they got streaks or some uneven spots but even then, we work with them to help correct those issues and start over. Without exception, the outcome is positive so I urge you to write to us if you experience anything but a perfect tan and let us help.
Getting an even, natural looking tan is definitely possible without covering your body with chemicals, baking in a tanning bed or enduring the funky smell most tanners leave you with.
If you follow these simple steps, you too will be sporting a tan so natural looking that your friends will ask you where you just vacationed!
First things first. 
My Skin's Friend SUnless Tanner


Don't rush the process o.k.?

You want a natural looking tan, not a cheap paint job right? Just like getting a real sun tan, it takes a little time and patience but the outcome will be well worth it.
My Skin's Friend doesn't tan you, it causes your body to tan itself. In fact, when you spray it on, you won't see any color because there isn't any in it. That's why it doesn't look fake like a lot of others but there are "secrets" to getting the best, most natural looking tan with it.

Before you spray, make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated.

Use a regular wash cloth, loofah or anything else you might already like to exfoliate with. I discovered this helps speed up the process because it starts with new, fresh skin cells, not the old dead ones. Don't scrub so hard that you cause an abrasion. Just a nice firm scrub.

Exfoliate before using My Skin's Friend sunless tanner
There are two reasons for this.
  1. One, the organic tanner interacts with your skin to create the tanning process so the more fresh, clean skin it can contact (without oils or creams between) the faster, deeper and more even your tan will be.
  2. Secondly, dead skin cells tend to get darker than fresh cells and may cause some spotting so your outcome will be much more even once you properly clean and exfoliate your skin.
My Skin's Friend sunless tanner prep

When your done, dry off and go to the next step.

I put plastic grocery store bags on my feet from the ankle down to keep the tops of my feet from getting tan from the falling mist.
    Some customers have told me that they apply a thin layer of cocoa butter or other natural lotion like MSF Sweet Potato, Melon Fresh or Honey & Aloe to theirs.
    My Skin's Friend sunless tanner prep
    They also apply to elbows and knees because those areas tend to get darker faster and the lotion acts to help avoid that.

      O.k. with those bases covered, it's time to apply the spray.

      It is much easier if you have a friend who can spray you but almost all of our customers report they spray it on themselves with little problem. It might take a little practice to perfect it but it's done every day.

      My Skin's Friend organic sunless tanner application

      I apply it to myself most of the time but when I can get my husband to do it, it is easier to maintain a more even coverage.

      VERY IMPORTANT. The main cause of streaks or runs is OVER SPRAYING.

      Because My Skin's Friend sunless tanner is clear (no colorants or staining chemicals), it is hard to tell where you've sprayed.

      For this reason, it is important to plan to cover in a methodical way to make sure you don't over spray and get runs or streaks.



      1. Do right leg, left leg to thigh front.
      2. Right arm, left arm front and sides.
      3. Abdomen front (pubic bone to under neck unless you want au natural all over tan).
      4. Then back from hairline to butt. Then back of left leg, back of right leg.  

      If you have someone applying the spray to you, have them hold the bottle about a foot from your body and spray evenly from side to side, making sure to get an even coat. Applying too much each time will cause runs and you don't want that or you'll have streaks. Just a very light coat works like magic.


      If you see a run or large droplets during or after spraying, don't panic. It can be fixed before the streak shows up.

      Once you've finished your third and final application for that day, simply let the last coat dry a few minutes and then apply an organic lotion to the entire area to blend the overspray into the rest of the area. In almost all cases, this will completely eliminate any spots or streaks and you'll wake up with a very nice, even, natural looking tan.

      Over spray also happens because you will swear you're not getting enough on you but I assure you that you are. We chose the very fine mister pump to make sure you get a very light application each time to prevent runs or streaks.

      When one coat dries (which is very quick and can be accelerated with a blow dryer set to cool), apply the next one until you've sprayed three consecutive coats in one treatment.  I know you won't feel like anything is happening but trust me, it is.

      Once the third coat is dry, you're ready to get dressed. My Skin's Friend tanner won't color hair or clothes so don't worry about having to cover your hair or having it rub off on your clothes or bed linens.

      Cover your whole body or the areas you want tan with that first coat and wait 3 minutes or so for it to dry. One of the things people love about it is that it dries very fast.

      Repeat this process no more than three days straight.

      Once you've done if for three days, STOP and wait for 48 hours for your tan to “mature” and show you the final shade. If you want to be darker, simply continue to apply it as above until you reach your ideal shade. Once that happens, you can usually maintain your tan with a once or twice a week application. Remember, you won't see the final results for 48 hours
      after the final coat.

      That's it! That's all you need to have a cool looking tan. And when people ask where you got your beautiful tan, tell 'em Tahiti!

      If you have any problems, questions or tips you'd like to share with us and your fellow tanners, please contact us at We love hearing from our customers and always appreciate tips you've learned to help get the best looking organic tan under the sun.

      Want to share what you've learned? Click here to send a link to this page to your friends!

      Now, go show off that beautiful tan of yours!  

      My Skin's Friend Organic tanner

      Thank you for being My Skin's Friend.



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