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We've had a lot of interest in My Skin's Friend Hair Rescue Therapy System. Many ask how we discovered a way to regrow hair or stop hair fallout without chemicals like Rogaine, Propecia and other products.  I'd like to say it was simple but that wouldn't be true. In fact, you can't imagine how difficult it was just to discover a combination of natural, organic derivitives that would create a lather such as that achieved in our STEP-1, organic anti-oxidant shampoo.


How an "accidental" discovery created an organic hair regrowth formula

When a company is looking for a new way to do something, it creates a challenge. The possibilities are truly unlimited but time and resources are not. After many attempts that fell short of the mark, we decided to try an oil extraction on a combination of rare heirloom Italian vegetable seeds that contained unique fatty acid complex structures that we decided to test for effects on hair loss.

We took the extraction and then carefully mixed them with natural DHT blockers and natural hair growth stimulators. Finally, we needed a delivery system to make sure the ingredients were able to get to where they needed to go to do the most good so we combined them with our proprietary liposome delivery system that delivered these powerful hair growth nutrients deeply into the scalp and saturated the hair follicles.


My Skin's friendThe initial tests were promising, and pilot studies showed HRT™ Hair Rescue Therapy™ to be very effective at stopping hair loss and helping grow new hair better than any other product or system we had seen. Here are the fast facts:

  1. Hair re-growth was evident even in late stage balding.
  2. Hair loss was stopped or completely normalized in a short period of time (in some cases as little as a few days).
  3. Scalp issues including dandruff and itchy scalp were greatly improved even after just one application.
  4. Hair thickness, strength, and body were greatly improved within an average time of 1 week.
  5. Average time for evident hair re-growth around the edges of the bald areas.

The formula appeared to help stimulate the scalp and hair follicles in a way that halted hair loss and encouraged new hair growth. Subsequent experiments verified that the HRT products actually seemed to perform as well on alopecia as those well known brands but without the drugs or chemicals.  Although the HRT is not magic and your results may be different from others, you owe it to yourself to at least try the system to see if it works for you. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means there is no risk and you may just make a major discovery yourself—that you can stop your hair loss and regain your hair.

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