Ebola Virus, influenza, and your immune system October 19 2014

Even though only aWoman worried about her health few people have been infected with the Ebola virus in the United States, there is panic brewing around this scary, lethal disease. Honestly, with the way Ebola has spread throughout countries in Africa and since the prognosis is always grave, we believe it will benefit all of us to stop and review our current health habits and resolve to practice healthier rituals every day regardless of the current threat.

You have more power over your health than you think you do

If you spend any time at all in front of the television set, you’re likely to see a myriad of commercials promoting one new drug after another. It’s like the fashion industry. Last year’s hit drug is soooo not cool. Now they’re even promoting adding a drug to the one you are taking to make it more effective. It’s sorta like adding a scarf to update last year’s suit . . . except for all the side effects.

These commercials along with those promoting night time cold remedies, corn removers, exercise and weight loss programs and a long list of other things usually end with, “be sure and ask your doctor if this is right for you.” And there you have one of the major problems with our entire healthcare system. We have been brain washed into believing that we are not smart enough or educated enough to know what is good for us. According to commercials for two of the most heavily advertised erectile dysfunction drugs, we even have to ask our doctor if our heart is healthy enough to have sex. Really?

Can we really trust the CDC to protect you?

Most of us have more than we can handle day to day with our jobs, family and other activities. We have government to take care of those things that are just too complicated or far reaching. The Centers for Disease Control was established for situations such as this. Unfortunately, like so many government entities, the disease of pCenters for Disease Contrololitics has infected the CDC so badly that they seem incapable of separating what is politically expedient from what is best for the United States.From what I've seen so far, I don't have much confidence in them and their ability to protect us from the mystery surrounding the Ebola virus including how it is spread, what can be done to protect ourselves from ebola and what treatment method or methods if any are going to work to cure someone of the disease when they become infected.

On the positive side, the ebola scare has raised awareness nationwide regarding threats to our health. But statistically, the common flu poses a much bigger threat to your health right now than ebola. The flu kills between 3,000 and 50,000 people every year in the United States.  And the odds of you contracting the flu vs ebola are heavily weighted on the flu.

Give your body a fighting chance by doing very simple things

We’ve all heard that the best defense is a good offense. That’s not just a cool saying, it’s the truth and I’m going to share some things you can do to help make sure you switch to a good offense.If you’ve seen fights on TV, you know that a strong person can fight off several opponents at once. This is especially true of those who’ve prepared their body’s defense mechanisms by training and exercise.

Bruce Lee poseImagine that your body is Bruce Lee, the famous martial arts master. Now, imagine that Bruce Lee’s fictitious brother, Mee Lee has never done any of the things his brother has to prepare his defensive techniques. Or maybe he’s done just enough to be dangerous. Which one would prefer to have as your body guard?

But imagine Bruce Lee putting on a suit. Over the suit he wears an overcoat. But that overcoat is wet. So is his suit. In fact, he is soaked to the bone. But it gets worse. In the coat pockets, he begins to put small amounts of pebbles. One by one he fills each of the pockets with pebbles. One didn’t feel so heavy but now he’s barely able to walk under the weight of the wet clothes and his pockets full of pebbles. Get the picture?

Now, imagine that as he walks down the street burdened with all this that he is attacked by just an ordinary mugger. How do you think that confrontation will turn out? Well, chances are that Bruce Lee will still provide a good fight because underneath it all, he’s still Bruce Lee. But, you have to agree that his defense system is compromised. His defense system is too burdened under the weight all those layers of wet clothes and pockets full of pebbles to put up a very effective fight. Fighting one opponent is hard enough. If there is more than one, he could very well wind up taking a beating or even worse, die at the hands of what would otherwise just be a good sparing opportunity. Same man. Same situation. Different defense status.

Our bodies are amazing creations. Trillions of cells working in harmony to keep us fit, energetic and most of all—alive. In fact, our body’s number one goal is to stay alive. That’s why people can go through some horrendous health challenges and still survive. There is nothing stronger than the will to live.

Start unburdening your immune defense system right now

The term “you are what you eat” is easy to understand. If you’re improving the quality and quantity of your food intake to improve your health, good for you. There’s another area you can make some great health strides and if you’re like most people, you’ve never given it a second thought.

Stop putting chemicals on your skin

To most, it seems perfectly logical that what we eat becomes part of our bodies. But what we put on our skin also gets into our bodies and you already know that our skin is our largest organ.

Think about that. We are literally covered with skin. So, does it make sense to cover your skin with chemicals that wind up getting into our cells and blood?

These chemicals are like the wet clothes with pockets full of pebbles added one by one described above. They don’t seem that significant when we’re adding them one by one but over time they begin to weigh down and put stress on your body’s defenses.

That lotion you spread all over your body soaks into your skin. If it is full of chemicals, your body sees them as foreign substances and as such, must deal with them. The more of these chemicals that are added to the body through shampoos, lotions, cosmetics, sunscreens and other topical products, the more the body’s defense mechanisms are diverted to help dispose of the continual stream of toxic materials instead of being free to fight viruses and bacteria when it shows up.

Over time, the body’s immune system becomes so overloaded and overwhelmed with the amount of toxic materials, it becomes like a computer with a lot of programs running at once. It either slows way down or in some extreme cases, shuts down completely. That’s when the viruses and bacteria see their chance and rush in. This is why some people seem to be sick a lot and catch everything that comes along and some people never seem to be sick. Both people are being exposed to the exact same environment but one has a stronger defense system than the other.

You can start right now eliminating a large chunk of toxins from your body

Dr. Richard Shulze is a hero of mine. I've been a follower of his since the early 1990s. While at one of his seminars in Santa Monica he said that when a patient first comes to see him, they invariably ask, "what's wrong with me doctor Shulze." He said his response is, "how the hell do I know what's wrong with you if you don't know yourself." 

His point is that we all have clues as to why we're in the shape we're in--whether it is good or not so good. The first thing he tells patients is to stop doing what they've done to get sick and the disease will begin to revers itself.

My wife and I have been practicing healthy habits for two decades after experiencing illnesses. Finding health foods is hard enough but finding healthy skin and hair care products seemed just about impossible. Although it is getting easier to find healthier skin and hair care products, we decided those we were finding still weren’t as healthy as they needed to be. That’s why we launched My Skin’s Friend. We were determined to not only create organic, skin friendly products, but to also provide education to those who, like us, are searching for ways to help our bodies become healthier and more energetic as we mature.

There are a lot of products on the market now that use terms in their names to make us think they are organic and safe. Unfortunately, that is often done to fool people into thinking they are doing the right thing for their bodies when in fact, it is just language used by the manufacturer to take advantage of the current buzz words or phrases. You still have to read and research to know for sure that you’re getting the healthiest product available in that category.

We take the guesswork out of skin and hair care buying

Every products begins with whole, organic food. There are never any chemicals used either in our extraction methods or in any of our product formulas.

For instance, years were spent trying to create a skin peel that would remove dead skins cells from the face and provide a basis from which our other nutrient rich skin products could nourish the new cells and create a more youthful appearance.

We researched competitive products that claimed to be natural citrus based peels but discovered that in the fine print there was always some form of acid. So if you’re currently using a peel for that claims to be organic, please read the label carefully and make sure there are no chemicals or acids. Do the same with your body lotion, sunscreens, moisturizers, shampoos and everything else you are currently putting on your skin and hair. (Remember, your scalp is skin too!)

This is just one example.


What does this have to do with ebola virus, flu virus or even the common cold virus?

Simple. The fewer foreign substances your body’s immune system has to fight, ward off or somehow eliminate through your elimination processes, the more it can focus on strengthening its defense against viruses and other pathogens.

Putting organic “food nutrients” on your skin vs chemicals means you are providing your body with things it can actually use to become even stronger and more resilient to all potential viral attacks. Survival of the fittest is a commonly known fact. You can become more fit simply by changing the substances your put on your skin. How much simpler could we want it?

Resolve right now to become your skin’s friend by feeding it lotions, shampoos, skin tighteners, moisturizers and tanning products that are made from whole, organic food. Your body recognizes and uses foods for its defenses. Give it what it needs and it will give you a healthier life.