A mistake that cost a lot of people to lose hair October 27 2014

Who doesn’t want to look younger and beautiful?

Research shows that Americans are not known for their lush locks. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the diet high in harmful fats, lots of sugar and heavy animal protein and dairy contribute to hair loss and breakage of health.

Other big contributors of hair damage are the harsh shampoos and the chemicals in the water but there is hope. By changing a little the way you eat …like cutting the consumption of sugars and processed carbohydrates and introducing organic chemical-free shampoos your hair can restore their natural oils with time and get the original shine again.

Want an abundant lustrous mane?

Most people don’t make the connection between diet, harsh shampoos, and chemicals in the water and hair loss. HRT Organic ShampooTraditional Chinese Medicine believes that big consumption of sugar is the main culprit of loosing hair. This would be the explanation why Americans suffer from hair loss in greater number than most. People do not realize the hidden places where sugar could be found. Even excessive fruit consumption can lead to thinning hair. On the other hand the overeating of animal protein and dairy also will contribute to balding due to acidic blood.Did you know that unhealthy fats also contribute to balding?

Yes, it is a major contributor of balding because they congest the hair follicles. That is why specialists recommend cleaning up the toxins accumulated for years by use of harsh chemical shampoo and bad eating habits. They emphasized to use a gently shampoo that will clean your hair without stripping of the natural oils then to help stimulate those dormant hair follicles for new hair to grow.

Do not make the mistake that cost a lot of people to lose hair. The Shampoo you choose is very important in hair loss treatment because they are filled with harsh cleaners, hidden chemicals and additives. Even natural brands strip the hair of natural oils so you need a conditioner to tame the created disorder subsequently clogging follicles that won’t let new hair grow.

Make the change right now. Let your hair grow back again. Let people admire your healthier, shinier hair.

For now, to your health